12 kind of Fish to Eat For Weight Loss

12 kind of Fish to Eat For Weight Loss

Fish is more than Omega 3 fatty acids. Several studies show that it may be easier to lose weight when fish are included in the diet. The researchers discuss about weight loss as the result of fish intake may be associated with improved satiety from fish protein and specially because of fish, such as cod, which is rich in in an amino acid called taurine.

Taurine has been shown in several animal and human experimental studies to promote weight loss with having to know the reason for this. Fish is healthy and fatty fish is communicated as extra healthy because of Omega 3 content.

For fish to fit into your weight loss plan, you have to know how to incorporate it to prevent you from undoing all its benefit. Eating fish two or three times per week can actually fast track your health in the right direction.

Here are 12 types of fishes to eat that can potentially lead to weight loss.


All types of Salmon, rich in Omega 3 fatty acids. They are a good source of  Vitamin D and calcium. However, for higher levels of nutrients, it is better to choose wild-caught Salmon rather than farmed Salmon.

Wild Salmon contains more Omega 3 and vitamins and has less saturated fat. Farmed Salmon is significantly cheaper, but it may contain less Omega 3 fats and fewer vitamins and minerals, depending on whether its fortified or not. Canned Salmon provides equally great nutrition if you are on budget.


Tuna is low calorie, high protein food. It is loaded with essential nutrients that boost your overall health and well being. It is good for weight loss due to its high protein content and relatively low calorie content.

Protein helps with weight loss because of its high thermic effect. Always choose low Mercury varieties of tuna as your healthiest options.

Pacific halibut:

3 ounce serving of halibut supplies almost 20 grams of protein for just 94 calories. It is also loaded with nutrients like selenium, magnesium and vitamin B12.

It is also less oily than Salmon hence can be baked without thawing. Halibut fish tends to be low to moderate in Mercury content and is considered safe to eat in moderate amount.


One 3 ounce portion of cooked has 15 to 20 grams of protein for less than 90 calories and 1 gram of fat. Cod is a good source of phosphorus, niacin and Vitamin B12.

It is high in protein but low in fat and calories making it an ideal choice for people who are trying to control their body weight.


Natural is abundant in cold areas. This is a strong flavored fish high in heart healthy Omega 3s and good source of protein. It is a firm, white fish. Smaller varieties, such as Atlantic and Spanish mackerel are better choices because larger fish tend to contain higher levels of Mercury.

It makes us feel full, which is why it plays a major role in obesity. By switching one of your usual meats with mackerel, you can cut down on your calories and saturated fat intake. Be sure to prepare your fish in a healthy way. Opt for grilling or baking rather than frying.


Sardine is another oily fish and have loads of nutritional benefits. Its rich in calcium, iron selenium, protein, vitamin B12 and Omega 3 fatty acids.

Sardines are a unit loaded with supermolecule, which helps stabilize blood sugar, makes you feel full and helps stimulate metabolism.

Eating at least two 3.5 ounces of servings of fish per week decreases risk of accumulation of plaque in the arteries, which is a high risk factor in people with obesity.

Rainbow trout:

It is a lean source of Omega 3 fatty acids, protein and minerals. It is one of the cleanest fish since it is the product of farming in freshwater ponds, concrete raceways which mimic a flowing river. This results in lower Mercury levels, making it safer and more helpful choice.

It is considered as one of the most versatile, healthy and convenient snacks on meals that can be consumed out of a can. While recent herring has the foremost nutritionary edges, canned herring is also full of antioxidants Omega 3 fatty acids.

It is also one of the best sources of vitamin D. Herring create an alimentary alternative, since they conjointly tend to be low in Mercury. Herring is a bit high in fat. It consists of mainly the unsaturated fat, so its healthy as long as you stay in the recommended fat consumption for the day.


Perch is a good source of protein, vitamin and minerals that is low in cholesterol raising saturated fats. It has a very mild taste, which makes it less tasty than other fishes.


Like salmon, it is a low fat, high protein fish and also a good source of lean protein and low in saturated fats.

Pollock is as healthy as cod and tuna, except it is often served fried which would neglect the benefit of eating fish as your protein choice.


It is a saltwater fish is a saltwater fish.It is typically sold in the form of fillets. Like most fish haddock includes Omega 3 fatty acids, which provide a wide range of health benefits and contains no carbohydrate, fiber or sugar. It’s also worth noting that haddock is high in cholesterol.

Arctic char:

It belongs to Salmon family. It looks like Salmon and taste more like trout. It is nutrient rich and an excellent source of Omega 3 fatty acids. Its sweet and mild taste will appeal to a wide range of palates.

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