7 Attractive Layout Ideas for Your Kitchen

Kitchen without any doubt is one of the important parts of the house. It is also one of the most used section of your house. People try their best to make it attractive and functional at the same time.

Majority of the homeowners try to add new things in their kitchen to give an updated look to it according to the latest trends.

Planning to update the look of your kitchen? We will be sharing a few essential kitchen layout ideas that you should keep in your mind when designing and planning.

You will have your cabinets, appliances, tile, flooring and paint all included. During the designing of your kitchen, it is important to look at the functionality instead of only working on the looks.

To uplift the look of your kitchen, you should get in touch with experienced companies to avail the kitchen design Cape Cod services from competent workers.

If you are going to make any big decision, then you should consider the seven essential kitchen layout ideas to improve your kitchen entire look:

1-Keep Distance Between Main Fixtures

When you are planning the layout of your kitchen, it is essential to keep the main tasks in mind like serving, preparing, and cleaning up the meals.

It is important to keep a proper distance between the sink, stove and refrigerator. If the distance is more than required, it will make working difficult for you.

2-Reducing Traffic

Irrespective of the fact, the kitchen is a high traffic area of your house. But still, there are ways through which you can create a space in your kitchen.

Furthermore, you need to ensure that you have to keep your pathway hazard free and it should not be obstructed with your refrigerator or oven door when it is opened.

This factor should be kept in mind especially for small kitchen design layout. It is very important to create space for meal preparation, circulation and cooking within your kitchen layout.

3-Kitchen Island Should Not Be Too Far or Too Close

A kitchen island is a place that is used for meal preparation. If your kitchen layout is having an island, then you have to decide its location carefully.

You need to ensure that this is not going to block the area in front of your major appliances like wall ovens, refrigerators, and dishwashers. In addition to this, you should allow enough space for an appliance door swing along with a space to pass when doors are open.

You should not place it too far. You have to ensure that the island is located within a comfortable arm’s reach for each of these fixtures. Or you can also contact a professional kitchen remodeling company to get kitchen layout ideas with island from experts.

4-Place Stove on Exterior Wall

The stove is the central part of your kitchen. The place of the stove should be selected wisely so that you don’t have a problem while cooking.

It is important to note that when you are going to place your oven or stove, then it is better to place them on the exterior wall instead of placing them in an island or exterior wall. This approach will make it easier and less expensive to install a proper ventilation system.

5-Don’t Forget About Vertical Storage

Storage is another important aspect of the kitchen layout dimensions that one should keep in mind during the designing phase. Your kitchen should have a proper storage space to place the things to have a clutter-free kitchen look.

It is better to work on convenient wall storage instead of just focusing on the cabinet and drawer storage. You must know that storage walls are one of the best ways to incorporate pantry storage, baking accessories and much more in a convenient location. 

Furthermore, the open shelves, overhead pot racks wall hooks are very convenient and if stocked with the right stuff, then they can also add dimension to the aesthetic.

6-Place Sink First

When you are creating a kitchen layout, most of the designers place the sink first and then design other things. It is important to note that oven and refrigerator are important for preparing meals but somehow the sink is also one of the important places where we spend a lot of time.

It is better to place the sink where you can have a view out a window or into the room. A kitchen island is also one of the great locations for the sink.

7-Develop Floor Plan and Visualize Your Kitchen in 3D

No matter how much you are thinking to design your kitchen, saving designs from Pinterest, and more, you will have to wait for the completion of work to see the actual final look.

But nowadays, professional companies are using specialized software’s so that they can show the 3D models of the kitchen to their valuable customers. With this, customers can see the placement of things and this will also help the contractors to avoid mistakes.

If you are looking to get the same, then you should connect with professional kitchen designing companies in your area to get the 3D models for your kitchens.

You can set the things according to your own preferences and see how it looks. In addition to this, to get rid of confusion, you can send the 3D floor plans or model to your family or relatives to get their opinion. You can also consult the professionals to get proper advice.

Hope these seven layout ideas will help you upgrade the look of your kitchen in a better way. But if you are still looking to get the professional help and want to redesign your kitchen on a budget, then you need to connect with professional companies to get large or small kitchen ideas on a budget.

The professionals will keep your requirements in their mind and will come up with a plan that is according to your choice and budget. 

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