7 Types Of Hats To Invigorate Your Style

7 Types Of Hats To Invigorate Your Style

Whenever you choose an outfit to rock on, a hat can be the perfect addition to it. Are you unaware of which style of hat to choose from? You need to try out different styles when it comes to hats and mix them up with your wardrobe. 

Dating back to the 1800s these headpieces have been worn by most dapper of men here. The evolution of custom hat printing services has also proved to be the timeless menswear staple here as you can get your favorite prints on your headwear.

Today we are going to speak about the styles of hats that are usually craved the most and among them can be the style that would suit you and this you hardly knew:


This Bowler hat was very popular among the working men in England and this eventually added to the uniform for the officers of the Queen’s Guard as this hat made its inception in the year 1849.

In the later years, this head wear becomes the symbol of the working class as these were worn by the businessmen whose hats were usually referred to as the city agents. 

This hat is sure to keep your style a step ahead in this game here as they have been characterized by the rounded crown. You can carry the most esteemed look as they are well-paired with the best-tailored jacket too.


While you are searching for something modern and fresh menswear accessory then you are sure to come around the Panama hat which is more casual here. You will sure to be able to find two dents on either front of this hat here and a dent that is well through the center of the crown here. 

These Panamas are made up of everything ranging from that of the traditional straw material to that of more modern variations that are there in wool and felt as these are along with the modern variations in wool and felt here. 

This headwear can match up well with that of the casuals as well as with your jeans and formally with a suit too.


This fedora hat is well-identified through their dent here on every side that well forms a pinch on the front end with the folded brim on the backend as this is the most common of every recognized hat that is there in town today. 

You can well add up a pair of Fedora along with your jeans and t-shirt that can go well with your casual business wear as they will form the best casual suit here.


This style hat is crafted to meet up to the footsteps of the gentlemen from the 1920s and sport an Eight Panel to get the wide-brimmed look now.

This Newsboy was extremely popular amongst both the boys were men and were worn mainly amongst everyone those who are both rich as well as poor as they have the earnings in their names sometimes between the 19th century and the early 20th century here.


You need to well add up to this throwback and go along with it. This Boater hat was usually worn as the formal men summer hat and is typically referred to as the Straw Boater as this hat was the classic style of the 1920s. 

This style is quite similar to that of the Panama hat as this has evolved in its other modern forms and is well felt and is made up of wool.

Here you would need the inclusion of a button-up, suspender as well as a cuffed trouser for the lightest look for this summer here as you pair this up with the layered look.


Apart from that of the front end of the hat here, this is something that is fairly similar to the Fedora. This Trilby is well-differentiated through its front side that is flat instead of that of the front pinch of the Fedora here.


Especially to special thanks to that of the chapeaus, it is quite easy to say that this hat formed the best of all. After facing several different variations throughout the 1800s, the porkpie now obtained its modern form at the time of the Great Depression here. It was formally worn by the women but later this was an adopted fashion for the men.

Men today would be left in a wonder probably that they could to elevate their wardrobe similar to that of the women who have seamless and endless accessorizing options. All you need to do is to dress up with the different types of hats and put up to the different styles that are present. 

You will have numerous styling options that would help you with the basics of the clothing as you give it a serious fashion booster even with the help of the custom printing Vancouver services.

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