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Lingerie Models or Catalogue Models: Which One Is You!

Lingerie Models or Catalogue Models : Which One Is You!

Lingerie models or fashionable models- what’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of modelling? The runway shows, models with super sexy clothes and fashion magazines cladded with glossy models.

Well, the fashion industry has a plethora of models with every girl modeling for a different purpose. But how it all started? How it turns from a simple photography model to lingerie models and what’s not!

History of Fashion Models:

It all started back in 1853 when a French designer, Charles Frederic Worth, also known as the father of Haute Couture, asked his wife Marie to represent her designed clothes. It was the time when clothes were showcased on mannequins and clothing rods.

This gives a boom to the fashion industry, and a new revolutionized thing started. Lisa Fonssagrives was the first model that was very popular and had appeared in over 200 Vogue editions.

Furthermore, modeling is not just confined to fashion magazines and photography. There are models who experiment with various other categories and genres. From the lingerie model to the fashion model to the catalog model, which one is you?

Here’s A Rundown Of Few Models:

Commercial Models:

Commercial models work according to the client’s needs; they can be of any shape, size, and height. Also, their work varies from simple advertising a product to marking for services and making promotional events for cosmetics, travel, and housing.

They can work in print media, digital, retail as well as the television industry.  While the standard height of female commercial models is between 5’6″ to 5’11”, the males are generally of height 5’9″- 6’2″.

Editorial Models:

Editorial models or fashion models are for print and editorials only; their work includes showcasing the designer’s work, the beauty trends, and current fashion. You can hire them for skin-care, hair, and makeup as well.

Also, these models are on the cover of international magazines like Glamour, Vogue, Elle, and more.  Few international models are Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss, Miranda Kerr, Chrissy Teigen, and more. And, one more thing, it’s just not easy to be a fashion or lingerie models, you need to follow a strict lifestyle.

Catalog Models:

Catalog models are in boom; they are the new face of digital Print catalogs and also taking over the digital world. These are real people that are used on digital platforms to catch organic traffic. These models are used to attract clients through good content and catchy visuals.

While these models need not have unique specifications, they should have a good personality, healthy skin, and hairs. Depending upon the product needs, the clients call these models, whether it’s plus size, thin or petite.

Mature Models:

Don’t let the age to come in your modeling profession. Mature models are 35-40 years of age but are physically fit and healthy. So if you are mature and is looking for a modeling carrier, just make yourself comfortable with the lens. 

Grey hair, wrinkled skin, or age spots are not the prime concern.  Mature models are used in industries like health, pharmaceutical, the fashion industry, and more. 

Promotional Models:

These models are also called as brand ambassadors and generally work on client-driven assignments. These models are part of launches, live shows, trade shows, events, and more.

Such models work for brand promotions and advertising.  To be a promotional model, you not only have to be attractive and smart but also have to have good product knowledge.

Fitness Models:

Fitness modeling is quite competitive, and these models are hard-working, determined, and dedicated to their work. Some of them also have an athletic background.

If you are planning to be a part of this industry, you need to be healthy, fit, and versatile.  These models are in high demand in the athletic and fitness industry.

Glamour Models:

Glamour, as the name states, is a quite exciting and attractive industry that works to make things appealing.

Lingerie Models

These models only focus on making the appearance good; they are used for commercial purposes only. These models need to be of 18 years, and their bodies and physical appearance should meet the client’s standards. So, if you are photo shooting as a glamor model, make sure your location, theme, outfit all blend together.

Lingerie Models And Swimsuit Models:

Lingerie models or swimsuit models are often used for garment photoshoots like swimsuits, summer dresses, nightwear, lingerie, and more. These models can do fashion shows, fashion editorials, designer brands, and can also walk on runways.  Lingerie models follow a strict diet and have to maintain proper shape and size.

So if you want to make a carrier in modelling, one of the most important things you need to consider is to have an impressive portfolio. Do let us know in comments whether you want to know how to create an impressive modelling portfolio.

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