8 Best WordPress Google Maps Plugins To Display Your Location

The internet along with constantly improving digital technology has changed the way we live. Every single aspect of our daily life is touched by the web directly or indirectly. People log on to the internet whenever they need specific details on any kind of subject.

Even travel planning is being done with the help of the world wide web. Gone are the days when you had to pour over large paper maps to find a location.

Nowadays you only have to open the Google Maps application on your connected phone or desktop and you get multiple route suggestions for your destination.

Here we are presenting some of the best WordPress Google Maps plugins. These tools will help in sharing your location on your website. This will be helpful to your clients, partners, associates or any other person who wants to visit you.

These solutions will be especially useful for physical businesses who want to attract more clients.

1. Advanced Google Maps Plugin For WordPress

One of the best tools that you can use to create unlimited maps is the Advanced Google Maps Plugin For WordPress. This premium solution will let you add custom filters so that visitors can generate better results on your maps.

You can also display posts like blogs or any other custom post type along with a title, description, and featured image in your maps. Some attractive, responsive info window layouts have been included which can be used to display business details.

The plugin comes with 10 different styles for marker cluster and lets you define the dimensions and maximum zoom level of the clusters.

2. WP Google Maps

WP Google Maps is a perfect example of the efficiency of WordPress custom plugin development. It provides you with numerous handy features for free. This powerful tool has a paid version also but here we are discussing the open-source variant.

You only need to enter the address to generate unlimited map markers. There is also a feature for adding animations to the markers. 9 attractive themes have been included to create visually appealing maps.

Users can also create and add their own templates. Business owners will love this product as it contains an in-built store locator functionality. 

3. 5sec Google Maps

As the name suggests, the 5sec Google Maps plugin allows users to generate pictorial navigation aids in just a few moments. The product provides 12 readymade variants for markers.

It will enable you to include maps in posts, pages, sidebars, custom post types, and just about anywhere on your interface. You can include directions to a selected address and allow the maps to be displayed in full-screen mode.

The tool provides an HTML bubble which can be customized to add descriptions to your pins.

4. Maps Widget For Google Maps 

The next entry on this list of the best WordPress Google Maps plugins is Maps Widget For Google Maps. It is an open-source product which lets users generate maps through a widget.

It supports all Google Maps types and you can display a navigational chart in road, satellite, terrain or hybrid styles. The tool lets users define the color, size, type, and label of the marker.

They can also set the text which will be shown above and below the image. The solution has a premium variant also which contains additional features like over 1500 pin styles and 15 map templates.

5. Simple Google Maps Shortcode

In case, you are looking for a no-frills product that you can use easily, then you can try Simple Google Maps Shortcode. It is available for free and will allow you to embed Google Maps in a post or page by generating a shortcode.

WordPress HTTPS API and the Transients API are used by the shortcode to render cached maps. This ensures that the new element does not bloat your interface and affect its loading speed. You can define shortcode parameters to alter the map’s width and height or to disable scrolling.

6. Maps Marker Pro

Are you looking to create feature-rich maps? Then you must use the Maps Marker Pro plugin. This paid tool will let you generate as many maps and markers as you want.

Users can add animated marker clustering to show density. It comes with geo-location which shows a user’s location and movements in real-time. You can add filters so that visitors can access the desired information easily. Apart from Google Maps, the tool also supports Bing, Here, and Open Street Maps. 

7. Hero Maps Premium

The Hero Maps Premium plugin is a powerful tool that can be used to generate fixed size as well as full-screen maps.

The product comes with 3 marker styles each of which is available in separate packs with a range of attractive colors. Subscribers also have the option of using their own pins. Users can add locations by simply dragging and dropping the pins. They can also import locations in bulk through CSV files.  

8. 10Web Google Maps

10Web Google Maps is a free tool with a 4.5-star rating. It can be used to create unlimited responsive maps and markers. The product provides some powerful features like geolocation and store locator which are usually available in premium solutions.

You can draw polygon and polyline shapes on your maps. It comes with a live preview option so that you can see your changes in real-time before applying them.


Any of these amazing tools can be used to display your location through Google Maps on your website.

Brandon Graves is an expert WordPress developer working with HireWPGeeks. He has an excellent command on how to deal with different WordPress issues easily.

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