9 Best Monsoon Care Tips For Your House

9 Best Monsoon Care Tips For Your House

Rainy season not just makes everything muddy but also brings various harmful microbes and insects. Therefore, there is a high probability of getting in contact with contaminated items.

People are more prone to infections during the rainy season. Thus, it is important to maintain cleanliness and hygiene all around.  

Our daily cleaning routines should be altered as per the changes in the season to get the best result. Here, in this article, we have listed down some cleaning hacks that you can implement in your house:

1. Place Shoe Rack At The Entrance Of Your House

It is a fact that most of the dirt and dust enter in our house via our durty shoes. Therefore, if you have placed your shoe rack anywhere else in your house then immediately bring it back near to the entrance door of your house. 

In the rainy season, most of the time our shoes are covered with mud, therefore, it is better to keep them outside of your door rather than making your entire house dirty. 

2. Clean yourself As Well

Just removing your shoes at the entrance point is not enough because your pants or trouser will also accumulate dirt while you are walking through muddy streets. Therefore, it is recommended to clean the legs as well. 

You can keep a bucket full of water at the entrance point and wash your legs properly and the enter inside your house. If you can not wash your feet outside your house then go straight to your washroom.

3. Immediately Change Your Wet Clothes

Do not wear wet and dirty clothes for long. Do not loiter around your house in dirty clothes as it will make your floor dirty as well. It will spread outside filth inside your home. 

In addition to this, clothes that you are wearing outside during rain may also contain infectious things. Therefore, get rid of them immediately after entering your home.

4. Maintain Ideal Humidity Level

Rainy season means damp and humid weather. This results in a wet floor all the time that attracts more dust and dirt. Moreover, the damp surface also invites molds and mildews on your walls and floors. 

Therefore, you should maintain an ideal humidity level inside your house. You can invest in dehumidifies, latest air conditioners such as air conditioning Sydney or open your windows when possible. 

Keeping your window and door open will help in maintaining proper air circulation and fresh up the inner atmosphere.

5. Get rid Foul Smell

Due to the damp and humid atmosphere in the rainy season, the home may start stinking. The biggest reason behind it is that keeping your doors and windows closed. Therefore, you should open the doors and windows whenever possible to maintain proper air circulation and ventilation. 

If you can not keep your doors open all the time then you should invest purifies and turn on your latest air conditioning system to get rid of bad odors. 

Ducted air conditioning Sydney Installation will not just maintain ideal temperature but also maintain the room dry to keep inner air fresh and odor-free with filters integrated with it.

6. Sanitize Everything

A damp and humid atmosphere is favorable for the breeding of harmful germs and bacteria. Therefore, it is imperative to get rid of germs. The best way is to do regular cleaning and using some disinfecting solutions. 

Disinfecting solutions will kill the germs and prevent you and your family from health issues. Prefer to use natural ingredients for disinfecting your house floor rather than commercial solutions.

7. Clean Your Washroom Properly

Usually, the bathroom is the place that attracts most dirt as compared to other sections of your house. Therefore, your bathroom needs more attention, especially during the rainy season. 

After coming back home, we immediately rush to the washroom to wash our hands and mouth. That means our bathroom is exposed to a lot of filth, mud, and dirt. Best way to maintain cleanliness in your washroom is to clean it properly after every use.

8. Clean Exterior As Well

Frontyard and backyard is also an integral part of your home. Therefore, cleaning it properly is also your responsibility. During heavy rain, your garden is exposed to a lot of extra dirt.

Due to heavy wind, leaves will fall down and making the yard dirtier. Therefore, it is important to clean your garden time to time and maintain it in its good shape. 

9. Thorough Cleaning Weekly

Due to rain, the cleaning process becomes more hectic. It becomes difficult for those who are working, taking out some time for cleaning their house. But, as you are the owner of the house, therefore, it is your responsibility to keep it clean and germ-free. 

If you have pets and kids in your home then you have to put more efforts into cleaning your house.  In your schedule, add one more task – deep cleaning of the house once in a week. It is necessary especially during the rainy season to maintain hygiene and cleanliness in your house.

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