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11 Benefits of Modern Aluminum Kitchen Cabinets

11 Benefits of Modern Aluminum Kitchen Cabinets

The aluminum kitchen cabinets are gaining popularity, replacing the conventional wood cabinets across the world.

Homeowners are replacing their wooden cabinets with aluminum due to the plethora of benefits they offer. Also, people building new homes prefer installing aluminum cabinets in their kitchens.

Aluminum being a lightweight and durable metal leads to long life and offers strength to the cabinets. Moreover, there is no risk of bugs and termites damaging the cabinets in any season.

There are many benefits of using the aluminum kitchen cabinets. Let us check out all the advantages of installing the aluminum cabinets in your kitchen.

Easy to Maintain

A kitchen is a place where families cook and used oil in their recipes. The oil fumes form a layer on surfaces that is hard to clean. However, the aluminum surfaces are easier to clean as compared to their wooden counterparts.

It is quite easy to maintain the aluminum cabinets as you can easily clean them with a cleaning solution. Other than cleaning, they don’t need any sort of maintenance or require any maintenance costs.

On the other hand, the conventional wooden cabinets require an occasional coat of lemon oil or some other chemical for maintenance.

Available in versatile Designs and Colors

Despite the popular misconception that aluminum kitchen cabinets just come in a dull metallic look, you actually have the option to fit your quartz or solid surface kitchen countertop with your aluminum cabinets in a variety of personalized colors and designs.


Hygiene is a top priority in a household, including the kitchen, where all the foods are prepared before serving and consuming.

Aluminum being a nonporous metal removes the doubt that your cabinet is home to secret bacteria and growing fungi. Because of our climate, these microorganisms will thrive within the dark hidden corners and pose a danger to safety.

Doesn’t Soak Water of Moisture

A kitchen is a place in the house where there is a high possibility of water spills, and it also contains high levels of moisture as compared to other areas. Unlike wooden cabinets, the aluminum does not suck up the moisture or absorb the water spills.

In the case of water spills, you can easily wipe them off with a soft cloth, and you need nothing else. Therefore, there is no risk of wearing off or deformation of the metal or corrosion in any case. All you need to do is to protect it from acidic liquids like vinegar or other chemicals.

Durability and Long life

Wooden cabinets under regular use have a lifetime of around 10-15 years. This could be even shorter for homes where the kitchen is extensively used for everyday cooking.

With minimal maintenance, aluminum cabinets can easily last twenty to thirty years. Therefore, installing the aluminum cabinets in your kitchen can prove to be a good investment and enhance the value of your home.

Aluminum is Odorless

We do not think about wood smell, but if you observe carefully, you can feel the smell when you open a wooden cabinet. Many wooden cabinet products emit harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde and other volatile organic compounds.

And for those with respiratory conditions, these are dangerous too. The smells in wooden cabinets can cause respiratory problems in kids and elders.

However, there is no such smell in aluminum, and they offer a safe and clean environment in your kitchen.

Fire Resistant

Every household uses the kitchen as a place to cook foods for which they place gas stoves and induction cookers in the kitchen. Now wood catches fire easily and increases the risk of fires in the kitchen.

However, aluminum is resistant to sparks and fires and makes your kitchen a safe place to cook and serve.

Therefore, aluminum offers you a peace of mind that you can cook safely in your kitchen, provided that you follow other fire safety measures.


The thin layer of aluminum oxide coating that forms around the metal naturally also protects it against weak chemicals. Aluminum does not match vinegar, tomato juices, and assorted foods (lightly acidic ingredients)!

However, the defensive layer does not work well against strong acids and chemicals and should be protected from the same. Therefore, you should keep the acidic foods and liquids away from the aluminum cabinets in your kitchen or store them in glass containers.

Aluminum is Pest Resistant

Metals are usually not part of the preferred diet of pests. Although aluminum is considered a soft metal, it is not much fragile and, does not attract harmful pests to your home.

However, it is essential to use other safety measures against pests to keep them away from your food items and eatables. And since aluminum non-porous, bacteria and other pathogens cannot enter or stick to the cabinets as long as they are washed.

Easy to Remodel Cabinets

You can adjust your countertop during remodeling without affecting the overall kitchen design with the sleek aluminum kitchen cabinets. If you choose to re-use them when you move to a new house, the aluminum kitchen cabinets can be quickly removed and re-assembled. This is certainly a major plus and will save you a lot of money.

Adds Elegance and Versatility

The stylish quality finishes matched well with any strong kitchen top or quartz board. And, when paired with mirror glass screens and down-light, it provides elegant opulence. It’s also lighter and more flexible than most counterparts in wood.

The versatility also offers extra space for storage in homes with small kitchens. The use of aluminum also offers internal storage with more breadth, depth, and height. That finally means your kitchen has more flexibility and functionality.

Final Words

These were the advantages of aluminum cabinets in kitchens. However, the use of aluminum is not limited to kitchens. Homeowners also prefer aluminum doors and windows to add comfort and aesthetics to their house.

The folding doors Ryde are high-quality aluminum doors and are a perfect example of adding value to modern homes.

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