A Basic Street Food Guide For Istanbul Travelers!

Istanbul- The Spectacular City Filled With Layers Of History, Culture And Cuisine!

With a population of over 15 million people, Istanbul is one of the largest cities in the world. Featuring the soaring minarets of mosques, the sparkling streets and the abundance of frugal diners, the city is imbued with a rich history and the food culture.

Further, Istanbul features one of the most mouth-watering cuisines of the world. The rushed streets of the city reflect the Mediterranean, European, and Turkish food culture. Be it the fish sandwich by the Bosphorus or Boza (a fragmented millet drink); the city has so many palatable things that can curb the insatiable hunger for the street food.

 If you are in Istanbul, have a look at some of the must-try dishes to savor your buds:


Popularly called as Turkish Bagels, these brown, thin rings of sesame-seed covered dough are ubiquitous on the Istanbul’s streets.

Over the past hundred years, perhaps dating to the early days of the Ottoman Empire, the dish has been serving as a quick and delicious breakfast. Simply hop to the street vendor and get the hand-rolled, freshly baked ring to put in your mouth!


Also known as a Turkish pizza, it’s a crispy, flatbread served with the flavorful minced topping of meat. Originated in the Levant, the dish is around for a thousand years.

Lahmacun is prepared on the spot by using the wood-burning oven. Simply the choose the toppings and your delicious, hot pizza is ready in no time! Sizzle with lettuce, onion, tomato, lemon and enjoy. For more variation, break an egg atop and add a piece of lamb before cooking.


Dürum is the ever-popular Turkish wrap, rolled in the thin layer of tortilla-like flatbread. With the fillings of various meat, veggies, salad, parsley, and tomatoes, it makes the most delicious on-to-go snack to curb the hunger pangs.

While the traditional Durum is filled with the typical doner kebab, you can also throw in some onions or your favorite toppings.

Tempted? Visit any street vendor in Istanbul and grab this mouth-watering snack!

Midye Dolma:

 Stuffed mussels along with the aromatic herbs, spices, and rice make Midjye dolma a delicious street food of Istanbul.

Peddled from the little stands, lined in shiny black and yellow beacons, they make a perfect bite-size snack to hit-on.

Icli Köfte:

If you are tempted by the Middle Eastern style of the Istanbul, you would love this Turkish counterpart Icli Köfte. 

 It’s a crispy bulgur shell filled with minced meat, parsley and pine nuts and is usually served as an appetizer before the meal.

Found in the Syria, Jordan, Egypt, Turkey and Latin America, it is also considered as the national dish of many Middle Eastern countries. Serve them like hot finger food for at-home parties or order them from the streets, you would fall in love with it!

So, those were some of the most popular, delicious, and basic foods from the streets of Istanbul. Try them out and indulge yourself in the culture and traditional flavors of the city!

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