Carnations – The Flower of the Gods: Here Are Some Facts!

Carnations – The Flower of the Gods: Here Are Some Facts!

Carnations are one of the best housewarming flowers of all the time. It belongs to the family of Caryophillyaceae, originating in Europe and Asia. There are more than 300 varieties of these flowers with rich and vibrant colors. They have been cultivated since 2000 years back in the history for the beauty and charm of their look and ecstasy of their sweet fragrance.

As the tale says, the first carnation was bloomed from the tears of Virgin Mary when Jesus Christ was crucified. So, it is undoubtedly the symbol of unconditional love, like a mother’s love. Also, this has been a very famous flower for the Labor Movement as well. 

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France considers this flower to be bad as it is used there for the funeral decorations. But it had a tough time to establish itself as one. Sometimes, it might be a little bit more over-turning and obnoxious, but it does not defect its beauty at all. 

  • The Carnation Story

The Scientific name of this flora is ‘Dianthus Caryophyllus’. In Greek, dios means ‘Zeus’ or God and Anthos means ‘flowers’. So, the syllable-ic translation of this flower’s scientific name is “the flower of Gods” or the “heavenly flower”.

That adds the charming flower to a sense of divinity. Carnations are revered in ancient Greece as well as Rome. These two cultures were the firsts to cultivate these flowers a long-long time back, making it as the oldest cultivated flower of the world.

Besides, they have also worn carnations as the ceremonial garlands along with using them as decorating props in various celebrations. This is the main reason from where the pet name of carnations came into existence.

Greeks used to put this as a crown on their rulers’ heads to felicitate them. Now, from decorating to proposal, these carnation wreaths are world famous. You can send flower bouquet from known online site for your beloved.

  • Uses of carnations

Carnations are available in multiple varieties of colors. Some are solid unique colors; some others are of combined colors. But each and every carnation is associated with specific meanings and feelings attached to them. The primary feelings attached to carnations or reflected through this flower is love, as the Christian Lore explains.

White carnations are symbols of Purity and luck; Red carnations epitomize the overarching love and passion. The pink carnations are for the reflection of gratitude and purple carnations are to symbolize capriciousness.

Yellow carnations again resembles to the emotion of cheerfulness and delight. You can choose the carnations according to the person you are gifting and on the kind of love you have for them. Online flower delivery sites are always on your call to help you out with the best floral gifts ever. 

  • How to grow beautiful carnations

There are certain advantages of this flower; the reasons why people are always up to cultivate a carnation anytime. It can grow up to a height of 31inches. It has the probability of having 6 inch long leaves which makes them one of the most attractive flowers if kept in your home garden.

These flowers are perennials in nature, so they grow more than 2 years. Besides, as a cut flower decorated in the vase, this flower lives the longest among all others.

A cut carnation can be alive in the vase more than 2 weeks or 14 days on a row. No flowers have this long lifespan after uprooting from the soil. So, for this reason, you can buy just because flowers for Brazil for your beloved to gift on her/his special occasion. 

  • Why to Gift Carnations

Now, the million dollar question of why to gift carnation to someone. Carnation is the only flower that according to the ancient belief is born from a pure purpose, a flower that spread love.

So, in this world full of hatred, it is the easiest way to express love to the whole mankind. Besides its enormous varieties makes it the best flowers with endless options to choose from. You can send gifts to Brazil along with this flower to your close ones. 

Above are the best reasons of why carnation is so famous around the whole world as the flower of the paradise. 

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