Easy Tips To Fix Tablet/iPad Touchscreen Problems

Easy Tips To Fix Tablet/iPad Touchscreen Problems

The touchscreen of a tablet is the primary mode of interaction between your application and you. Any physical damage to the screen can degrade the reliability of the tablet.

There are various ways to prevent the problem of damaged or unresponsive touchscreens from occurring. At least you can do is apply a screen guard and keep sharp objects as far as possible from your device.

Also, never place the screen of your tablet upside down on a rough surface. You must always clean the dirt particles of all manners that can cause scratches on your display.

If the problem of unresponsive touchscreen still occurs, here are some easy tips you can heed, that might help you with touchscreen issues.

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Free RAM Time to Time

The most prime thing one can do to troubleshoot any screen responsiveness issue is to free the memory space. Android tablet users have an easy way to free RAM by clearing the cache memory or by using a third-party app such as RAM optimizer.

If you own an iPad, memory issues can result in slow responses from the touchscreen. An ideal way to clear the memory in the iPad is double-click on the Home button. It will show all the apps currently running, then one by one clear them all to boost the memory.

If clearing some apps helps you to attain a responsive touchscreen, then that is all you need to do.

Did You Try Restarting Your Tablet? 

If the former doesn’t work well, it is time for thorough troubleshooting by restarting your device. Note that when the device restarts, all the applications get closed and refreshed the device. If this brings back the responsiveness of your device, then it is all you are required to do.

You can restart your Android tablet by holding the power button for 2-3 seconds and then tap on the restart button.

If you are an iPad user, hold the wake/sleep button and drag the slider. If app closing is not possible, then press the same buttons together for 3-4 seconds until the display shows the apple logo.

Realigning The Screen

If your device is already in warranty, you don’t have to realign your tablet’s screen by yourself. You can send it back to the manufacturer. But if your device is out of warranty and you don’t have the money to get it repaired, you can try it.

Sometimes a small knock might damage cable that connects the digitizer and the motherboard. All you require to do is remove the screen and replace it.

Before you perform this, make sure you have all the instructions and tools to reassemble your device.

Take A Professional Help

There are various tablet repair shops up and down Australia can help you fix your tablet screen issues. Before you hand over your device to an expert, you must ensure that they offer A1 services.

Also, a little research might come in handy. Read the reviews and comments about the services of the company you choose for tablet repairing.

A heads-up: If you have done the realignment, and the problem of unresponsive touch screen persists, visit your local tablet repairs Darwin shop to get professional help.

Use Third-Party Applications To Troubleshoot

Sometimes, a particular portion of the screen does not respond correctly. If you know which part of the display is unresponsive, you can quickly diagnose what the problem is. 

A helpful way to check which areas of your screen is not responding is to use a few apps. An app named Google Maps can help you figure out if there are any dragging, zoom-in, or zoom-out issues.

Apps that work with the screen rotation feature, for example, games, can help you identify any screen rotation flaw in your tablet.

Use A Calibration Tool

Calibrating your tablet touchscreen can help you resolve many unresponsive display issues.

On Android tablets, calibration depends on the version of the operating system. Usually, you would find a calibration option in ‘Settings’ followed by ‘Display,’ but sometimes it is not direct. 

In such cases, you can use a calibrating app like ‘Touch Screen Tune.’ It can help you resolve many unresponsive touchscreen issues. 

Generally, iPads do not have a calibrating tool. However, sometimes you perform a jailbreak on your device and experience that touchscreen is resisting your taps and swipes. In that case, it is recommended to perform a hard reset to undo the jailbreak.

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A Final Thought

The essential tips mentioned above are the most effective ways to tackle the problem of unresponsive tablet touchscreens.

However, sometimes, the problem is not as simple as it seems to be. In that case, you might need the assistance of a professional tablet repairer. So, when you go to an expert, make sure you tell them all the steps that you have already attempted.

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