Entrance cost for famous tourist Destination in Nepal

Entrance Cost for Famous Tourist Destination in Nepal

Nepal is the most beautiful country in the world which especially blessed the spirit of nature. The country is almost ruled by the many kings with their dynamic effort.

They build the historic heritages and the cultural attractions which are being accepted by this present world. It has been boosting the reputed historical and cultural attractions of the monuments that also speak the volumes of the rich history and the culture of the significant place.

The beautiful and the varieties of the scenic beauty which also adds a backdrop of these popular touristic place. The significant and the climatic condition of that place adds a favorable time for the travelers to explore and visits in that destination.

Over many years, the country has promoted the various important tourism destination of Nepal, such as emerged destination like a holiday destination. There is the most different and still major and different from the tourism place that is not untouched by the rapid urbanization and the pollution which brings it along.

Nepal is also mapped to heaven across the world as the best touristic destination. There are as many as regions you can get why Nepal is being preferred by the tourist around the world.

Millions of travelers from the different part of the world visit Nepal every year due to the strong historical background, presence and enlisted world heritage site, world highest peak and the different highest mountain in which they wanted to climb and organize a trek in the Himalayas too. The positive attraction and dynamic natural variations encourage and motivate the visiting spirit of the travelers.

The different kinds of the itinerary of the visitors are totally dependent on the tourists in which they wanted to enjoy themselves when they visit such a destination. Talking about the costs and the rate of the tourism destination in Nepal is not that much expensive we excepted of it.

Some of the famous touristic destinations and trekking areas in Nepal are mentioned below and those of the data and information are taken according to the popular prices and trends in Nepal. 

-Talking about the Dolpo district, it has two important places they are Lower Dolpo and Upper Dolpo. The trekking permit fee per week per person is about US$ 10 or it is equivalent convertible foreign currency.

Now calculating the prices for the first 10 days per person is about ranges from US$ 450 to 500 and about the rate of 10 days per day per person is about US$ 40 to 50.

-In the Mustang district there is a place upper mustang trekking permit fee for this place for the first 10 days per person is about US$ 450 to 500 and the time after that costs rate for 10 days per day per person is US$ 50.

-In the Taplejung District of Kanchanjunga region with the different areas of Olangchunggola and Yamphudin village development committee, Leap, etc. The trekking permit for this area for a week per person is US$ 10 or equivalent convertible foreign currency.

-Gorkha district has some best tourism destination such as Manasluarea, sirdibas to Lokpa to cumling to Chhekampar to the Nile to Chhule area.

Taking about the trekking permit in this region is categorized by the different agencies from the time of sept to over week per person USD 60 to 70 and after 7 days it will be USD 10.

-Dolakha is also a famous destination in Nepal with the beautiful Gauri Shankar and Lamabagar and various popular destinations inside it. The trekking permit for this place starts with the costs USD 10 per person per week or equivalent convertible foreign currency.

-Rashuwa district with a tourism destination like Thuman and Timure contains the trekking permit costs per week per person is USD 10  or equivalent convertible foreign currency.

-Talking about the Manang contains the areas and trekking permits are also defined by the various agencies in Nepal.

Some of the areas of Nar Phu valley and the northern area of Yilche village of Thochhe village Development committee from September to November per week per person is US$ 70 to 75 or equivalent convertible foreign currency.

In the tourism destination of Darchula district the trekking permit of this region or areas of Byas village committee in this place for the first seven days per person US$ 80 to 90 and also talking about after 7 days per person per day US$ 10 to 15 or the equivalent convertible foreign currency.

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