7 Tries and Tested Methods To Get Sexy Legs

7 Tries And Tested Methods To Get Sexy Legs

Do you miss wearing bikinis and shorts because your legs aren’t sexy and stylish? Does those sexy legs strutting down the ramp give you complex?

Long hairs, bumpy stubbles, riddled with black spots, dry as chalk, hmmm … well, this is definitely not the way you want your legs to be!

Having sexy legs is no difficult thing; all you need is to give them some love and attention. Here are few tried and tested tips that are personally my favorite:

No More Fuzz:

Fuzz free it simply means getting rid of body hair!  Saying goodbye to the hairs on legs will make your legs soft and fuzz-free. It’s totally your call to decide which method you are comfortable with. First, you can go for laser treatment; it’s effective but a bit expensive.

There are shaving, waxing, and many hair removal creams you can also use. Invest in good razor (don’t go for use-n-throw) and a gentle shaving gel.  I sometimes also use hair conditioners, if I’m short of shaving get( shh!! That was a secret tip).

Also, don’t forget to keep your legs moisturized after shaving, as this will lock the moisture in the legs and will make it supple.

Moisturizes Are Your Legs BFF:

Don’t forget the moisturizer right after the shower. This will retain the moisture content in the skin and will make them silky smooth. Also, moisturizing will protect your skin from being flaky.

You can use oils like avocado oil or jojoba oil as a moisturizer or can also invest in good creams that come with skin-tightening properties.

Give Your Legs A Bubble Spa:

Just like your feet need a good pedicure, your legs also need some pampering and that you can do with a bubble spa. And, for sexy legs, its also important to get a spa at least once in a month. 

All you need is fill your bucket with lukewarm water and to it add few drops of baby oil or any oil and shampoo. Now keep your legs in it and soak it for about 20 minutes.

Once done, use a pumice stone or scrub to wipe off the dirt and dead skin. Finish off it with a moisturizer.

Massage It Once A Week:

If you are looking for a super easy, cost-effective, and fail-proof method, oil massage is a must. Relax your legs with a massage of hot oil and give your legs a good makeover.

Just keep in mind that you wash your legs with soap and apply a moisturizer after oiling to keep them soft.

Workout, Because Sexy Legs Need It:

To just tone your legs to perfection, it’s very important that you work out every day or do some kind of physical activity. You can either join a gym or can try at-home exercises. Also, yoga, cycling, swimming, yoga, squats are some other methods of keeping your legs in perfect shape.

Sexy Legs Do Need Some Kind Of Exfoliation:

Exfoliation help removing dead skin from legs and make them soft. So, start exfoliating twice a week by either using a scrub or some DIY.  For DIY, add 2 Tbs of olive oil in one bowl, some sugar (1 spoon) or coffee (optional), and stir.

Apply the mixture on the legs and scrub them gently. Let the mixture stay for 15-20 minutes and wash with Luke warm water.  Scrubbing will remove the dead skin and will also protect your legs from ingrown hairs.

Make Sunscreen Your Best Friend:

To protect your leg’s skin from harmful sun rays, don’t forget the sunscreen. The sunscreen protects wrinkle-causing UVA rays and also protects the skin from sunburn-causing UVB rays. So, next time you are going out, don’t go without sunscreen.

So, now that you know all the super-effective ways you need to follow for sexy legs try them for once and see results.

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