GMAT- One Exam For Business Aspirants!

Are you from one of the top-tier candidates who are serious about going to business school? If yes! Then GMAT is your initial and foremost step toward it. But if you’re perplexed about those why’s and what’s that are chewing your brain, then delve below to find your answers.

What is a GMAT?

The Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) is one of the essential constraints for taking admission in any business School. It is a computer-based, standardize 3½-hour exam designed to gauge broad assessment of your analytical writing, verbal reasoning, quantitative skills, as well as critical thinking. It intends to showcase the skills of test-takers, which matter most in elite business schools.


GMAT has always been the paramount choice for the graduate business aspirants to gain admission in the top business schools. Also, most business schools see GMAT as a founding pillar of any successful MBA applicant. Today, over 1,900+ business schools worldwide rely on GMAT as one of their selection criteria for admissions.

How to Ace the Dreaded Admission Test?

A dreaded GMAT has been one of the biggest impediments on the paths to an MBA or any business school. A high score in the GMAT test can break or make your reception into top business schools around the world. To achieve a good score in this feared test you should:

• Be efficient, hard-working, focused, and honest with your weaker sections.

• GMAT is a time-sensitive exam; thus, make sure to keep your eyes on the clock. Be strict with your time-per-question so that you won’t run out-of-time. You can learn time-management during your practice tests.

• Brush-up your weaknesses, but also improve your strengths. There’s a lot of material to study, so don’t panic! Learn time-management and don’t spend much time on every question. If you know the answer, attempt it; else make an educative guess and move!

• Trifurcate your syllabus and practice as many questions as you can. You can take help from the sample papers and other online tests to whop-up your score.

Exam Pattern And Format:

GMAT previously was a paper-and-pencil exam, but now it’s a completely online exam that assesses test-taker skills on four discrete sections.

1. Analytical Writing Assessment (one writing task of 30-min)

2. Integrated Reasoning (a 30-min test with 12-multiple-choice questions)

3. Quantitative section (a 75-min test with 37 multiple choice questions)

4. And verbal section (a 75-min test with 41 multiple-choice questions)

Note: For each particular section, percentile rank and a separate score are given. The total marks out of 800 are awarded only for verbal and quantitative sections, while the remaining two will get independent scores.

Some Facts:

• You will encounter one question on your computer at a time. You cannot move to the next question without marking your answer and cannot return to the previous one to alter your answer.

• To enter in one of the top business schools, you need to clinch at least 600 marks.

• While taking the test, you are allowed two optional 8-min breaks.

So folks! Gear-up and start preparing. Just remember these P’s-Plan, Prepare, and Practice.

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