6 Impressive Ways To Use Your Closet’s Accessories In Home Decor!

Your wardrobe is not just a space to hang your clothes and favorite fashionable things. It can serve many purposes! Well, it’s pretty impressive how even small decorative things can put a huge impact on the overall design.

Of course, everyone knows how impactful the lighting, pillows, and rugs are in space; many fashion pieces can also bring the gleam and freshness in your home.

In fact, many modern fashion decor aficionados use these accessories and apparels to adore the space. Undoubtedly, your imagination plays a huge role, here are some fashion items that you can bring from your closet and showoff with glaze:

Bring Open Closet To Live:

Girls! Your masterpieces, the trendy dresses- the one you had bought from expensive showroom need to show! You can’t keep them confined to your wardrobe; just pick your favorite ones and display them. Use shelves, clothing racks, and hooks to display colors and patterns of your wardrobe. For bags and shoes, you can try wall shelves or anything.

Moreover, if you have closed closet, bring out your favorite pieces and display in the open.

Combine Colors And Textures:

Inexpensive neckpieces and other fashionable items are a great way to bring color and texture in the decor. However, neutrals help in showing large furnishing and permanent fixtures. 

Drape Pieces On Décor:

One of the simplest ways to display your classy fashion pieces is to drape them on the already present décor. It could be your dresser or a nightstand you can make most out of it by just throwing your pieces over it. Besides, it could be a savior for the situations where you are running late, and you need something to pick up instantly. Pick accessories that have some length and height.

Putting Things In A Mirrored Tray:

To keep things little classic, pick your favorite pieces, and put them in a mirror tray. Keep things away and visible to avoid clutter. You can put this on your bedside table or at the dresser. However, you can also keep in the bathroom to bring bling in the space.

Tying A Scarf/Bandana:

If you have too many scarfs and you are bored of wearing them around the neck, try them as fashion pieces in your home décor. Hang them around the curtains or tie them on the bedside lamp to bring a hint of delicacy and subtlety.  Use trendy scarfs at the door handles or as wall art to bring the vibrancy in the space. When using to decorate walls, try placing lights on the edges of the scarf and make it eye-catchy.

Use Accessories On The Glass Lamps In Layers:

Think of your decorative pieces as layering on cakes. Pick a glass lamp and start arranging accessories. Large and bulky pieces should be kept sparingly with layering from small size pieces to the large ones. Make sure you only add pieces where the balance is needed. Combining small accessories can give a look of large items, but don’t make things look cluttered. You necessarily don’t need to fill every corner with décor.

So, this completes the list, keep them in mind and start your day stylishly and fashionably!

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