How to Increase Your Reach On Social Media

Have a look at 13 easy things you can do to make your brand, business or blog popular among people. Dive-in to know how to increase your reach on Social media:

Add keyword that drive traffic:

You can easily optimize your search for social media in the same way you do for other social media platform. If users are searching for something on google, the same trend will repeat for other social media platforms. However, to narrow down the search, use keywords that are in a rage, and are popular. Have a look at some of the keywords popular on social media:

  • Twitter:  Free, top, how to, blog, 10, great, media, follow
  • Facebook: comment, post, discount, when, where, take, deals, nice, best
  • LinkedIn: researched, developed, created, won, improved, under budget

Apart from this, you can also use keyword generator tools to let you know the searches and other things:

Google Adwords:

It’s one of the best search tools to find keywords. It is free and very easy to use. With the streamlined interface, it lets you narrow down your search and help you find the right keyword for your website. With this, you compare and discover new keyword trends to increase your popularity.


Another all-in-one marketing tool that helps you search for popular keywords is what SEMrush is. It is free and comes with a plethora of features.  To use this tool:

  • Go to
  • Enter your domain name or URL in the search pane
  • And hit the search button


It is one of the best tools to improve your search traffic. It lets you research your competitors and monitor your preferences. Apart from this, the tool provides you information on how other competitors are ranking, and what you can do to rank your website. Although it is paid, it lets you start your search by its free trial offer. To work with this, just sign in.

Guest Post:

Guest post is another important way to expand your reach on the web. It helps you reach the audience that you won’t able to reach beforehand. Here are few guest posting sites you can use to promote your content as well as to reach your audience:


It’s an online advisor where you can post your guest post easily.  It’s best to bring the audience and content to help people earn more money. Global ranking of OutBrain is 128 just visit OutBrain and know yourself.

The Huffington Post:

It is the perfect place for those who have a diverse writing style. It is one of the best to publish content related to news, entertain, personal stories, and much more. It ranks at 152 on the global ranking. Want to submit your’s go to The Huffington Post.

Organize Social Media Contest:

Social media contest is a perfect way to reward followers who are constantly following you and are engaged in your post. It’s the perfect way to increase your social media reach. Here are a few quick tips you can use to master this tip:

Know What You Want:

Know how you want to please your users. Are you adding Newsletter, subscription or gin brand recognition and much more?

Choose The Type Of Content You Want:

Using sweepstake contests, you can easily enter this world. You can have a photo or video contests or can introduce new games to woo fans.

Decide How Long You Want Your Contest To Run:

If you are running a video or photo contest, try having several rounds and keep users on the platform.

Choose The Platform:

Popular contest running platforms are Rafflecopter, Offerpop, Votigo, PunchTab, and Giveaway Tool.

Create The Plan And Promote The Contest:

No Matter how successful your contest is running, make sure to promote it well.

So, this completes the steps; keep them in mind and make yourself popular among people!

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