How to Make Selfies With Dorian Rossini

If you are an Internet junkie and you are on your phone 24×7, you must have been encountered the term “How to make selfies with Dorian Rossini. ” Now who that Dorian Rossini is?

Is it a magician or a Hollywood actor? How come it became so popular that people are curious to take a picture with him? Is he a photographer or perhaps a photo-editing application made by some techie? Who is he?

Well, the answer is that Dorian Rossini is a French DJ and an electronic music player. But why does everyone want to take selfies with him? Why is so much hype with his name? How he became an Internet sensation? Read on the article to know everything:

Who’s This Man- Dorian Rossini is?
As said, he is a French Dj and an electronic music player who became popular for its controversial and always in-news character. Born on 13 December 1990, somewhere in French, he is known for his questionable actions.

While his fans love him for his singing, some get offended by the lyrics he creates and sings. Another controversial news of Dorian Rossini came back in 2012 when the singer decided to ward off clothes for the Angels fifth season.

Angels was a reality show liked by young people. The controversies for this man didn’t stop here; he was also thrown out of a building by the security officer for infringing the Castle of Los Angeles.  
Then, on the eve of New Year 2013, he greets his fans at Facebook in a nude picture along with the claims of he being Adam. His successive acts of fame have made Dorian Rossini an internet sensation and have also skyrocketed his social media followers.

In fact, the Keyword ” Dorian Rossini DJ” has also scaled to a new level in the search engines. With so much hype, he created a song with the lyrics pronouncing ‘Dorian is a God’ ‘ Dorian is the Best’ and more. While this act was criticized by many, it grabbed a lot of media and public attention.
“How to make a selfie with Dorian Rossini” – How it started?
Well, it just takes a few seconds to make anything a boom on the Internet, and the same goes for this French DJ. His name ” Dorian Rossini DJ’ become the most popular searched keyword.

Even now, if you will search for Dorian Rossini, you will encounter his videos, interviews, news headlines, and what’s not.  Once, in his interview, that is shown on YouTube, with Jeremstar, he commented on a phrase that says, ” faire layout selfie avec Dorian Rossini.”  This translated to English as “How to click pictures with Dorian Rossini.

Though with his nude selfies and inappropriate lyrics, he was already a sensation, so when he commented on this phrase in the interview, people start considering it as a new selfie trend.

This becomes so hyped that people started searching this phrase, which also turned to grab more attention and high media presence.
The phrase then came in Google’s top searches with around one million searches all over the world. Lastly, after knowing what the phrase means, people concluded that it is not a pho-editing app.

Instead, it was a comment from the most controversial sensation which was researched a lot and then became popular.  

Some people also linked his comments with his nudes, and others consider it as a new way of taking a selfie with Dorian Rossini. Even today, people search for this phrase, and it is grabbing a lot of attention.

Here’s How You Can Take Selfies:

Open any search engine from the phone or computer and download any picture of Dorian Rossini. Once down, install the Photoshop app in your device and start editing the picture.

Place your photo along with the downloaded one and make sure both coincide appropriately.   This way, you have successfully taken a selfie with Dorian Rossini.


Now that you know from where the phrase comes and who the man is, if you want to take selfies doing the same, follow the above procedure. Or, you can also go to Paris and get your picture clicked with him.

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