6 Way To Express Your Love & Say I Love You!

So, you have strides roads, searched high and low, asked her friends and family and even resorted to asking from her by sneakily dropping hints, but still failed to find the best way to impress her.

Well, if you are still planning to have a cliché of roses, teddy bears, and chocolates, you perhaps are wrong. There are other impressive ways to woo her.

After all, it’s not about the material; it’s all about keeping her happy and impressed. If you are looking for some out of the box tips to impress your lady love, dive-in to look at some of the unique ideas to do so:

Some Me-Time…

For those who want an intimate, a holiday out from the hustle and bustle of life can be the best thing. Imagine driving in the chill breeze and having privacy time. Just choose your destination and voyage and get traveling. If she likes beaches, plan a holiday on an exotic beach for the relaxing holiday amidst the twinkling stars.

Moreover, if she is adventurous, go on a trek and spend some quality time together. Teak will give you the chance to spend quality time in the lap of Mother Nature. Plus, the ambiance and the beautiful woods will help you spend real time together.

Diamonds Are Timeless:

I don’t like diamonds, said no girl ever! If you don’t find anything to impress her, diamonds are saviors. From statement pieces to the delicates one to personalized rings jewelry designs, the options for choosing her are endless. 

You can also choose engraved pieces with your initials or can customize ring the way she likes. Give her the eye-catching piece to add style to his outfit. Be it a casual one of the unique one, women love every piece of jewelry and always adore it. 

A Basket Of Her Favorite Things:

So you are juggling to find that one perfect gift for your lady love? Why not give all the shortlisted gifts?

Sounds Fascinating!

Put together all her favorite things and the gifts that you have shortlisted and craft a personalized gift basket. Decorate it with embellishments, and it is ready to surprise your love. Women love when their partner does something creative and out of the blue, and this basket idea will surely help you make her happy.

Moreover, if she is a caffeine lover, you can present her a beautiful assortment of her favorite coffees, or you can simply put in some makeup supplies of rare collection.

No matter what you chose, make sure it should be something unique and different. You can DIY spa baskets and include things like bath bombs, body scrub, essential oils, and other spa things.

How about having a curated basket of eatables she loves? But make sure to add organic things. Otherwise, your gym-freak girlfriend will get mad at you. You can include wine, organic tea, fresh fruit items, and many more.

 Romance Her Notes Or Letters..

Want to do something beyond technology? A handwritten letter would be the most romantic thing you can do. Leave some notes or romantic letters sneakily in her closet and impress her. You can even wake her up with the personalized love notes, cards, or also surprise her with words of love.

Letters or love notes express tender and romantic feelings for your lover.  You can thank her for being an important part of life or can simply show how madly you love her.  For sure your girlfriend will appreciate the effort you will put in the writing.

Hide & Find…

Grab little things like nail paint, a book, lipstick, her favorite top, or anything and hide them at random locations. You can choose places like the kitchen or maybe a closet or bathroom to surprise her with the hidden gift. Put up a small not of love and put the gifts out of her sight.

This way, she will feel pampered and will appreciate your effort. Women love if their boyfriend or husband makes an effort to impress her, so don’t worry about having the costly gifts. Even a small rose would work.

So, those were some of the most romantic ways to impress your lady love. Though women are hard to impress, your efforts will surely win her heart.

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