How To Start A Blog?

How To Start A Blog?

If you are searching for the answers on how to start a blog or where to start a blog, it is time I would like to say that you found them here. It is the subject of this article that will show you the instructions step by step to answer these questions.

I strongly recommend that you should read the article to thoroughly understand the blog. 

Now we will start discovering the answers for the above questions:

Step 1: Specify the topic for your blog.

The first thing you need to do is determine what your blog is talking about? In other words, you must specify the topic of your blog so that you would be able to specify who is your blog readers?

A doctor would not be concerned about a programming blog. Vice versa you cannot attract the attention of a website designer on a blog that is talking about treatment. You can also visit the website appvalley to get free all paid app on your mobile.

The other reason of importance is when you determine your blog topic you can find your blog keywords, which will be used in SEO for your blog in the future.

For example, my blog is talking about how to start a blog so you who want to start a blog are my blog readers and my keywords are how to start a blog, start a blog, starting a blog, where to start a blog, etc.

However, many people miss this step. As a result, they have to re-edit, re-design and some even have to remove their blog.

Step 2: Specify the domain name for your blog.

After the topic is specified, the next step you should do is thinking about your domain name. A domain name is also called with other names such as a URL or an address that people can type on their web browser to access your blog.

The domain name of your blog must be related to its topic. It is best if the title of your blog is the same as its domain name so that people can easily recall your blog and visit it again and again.

By that, you should spend any time coming up with some possible domain names, and search for them.

Step 3: Buy the domain name.

If you have found a satisfactory domain name you need to contact the domain provider to buy it as soon as possible in case the domain name has already been taken then you have to choose another domain name.

There are many domain name providers such as Godaddy, Namecheap, etc. You can buy it from any domain name providers in the world. 

Currently, I am using some domain names from Godaddy. I like Godaddy because they do not only have a lot of sale-off programs but also their support services are very satisfying.

Normally I get a 30% discount from Godaddy and sometimes I only spend one dollar on buying a domain name, which is pretty good as I can save a lot of money.

If you decide to choose Godaddy, you can read the article “How to buy the domain name from Godaddy?”

Step 4: Buy hosting.

You can imagine that when you write the articles, the texts and images will be stored on a computer. This computer is called a server. You must buy small storage space on the server to store the texts and images of your blog, which is regarded as buying hosing.

Currently, there are many hosting providers such as Hostgator, StableHost, DreamHost… you can choose any hosting providers you want but consider the following factors:

  • Cost?
  • Storage, Bandwidth
  • Support?
  • Speech?

I am using the hosting from Hostgator because I think Hostgator is pretty good. If you also choose Hostgator you can see the article “How to buy a Hostgator hosting?”

You can see the following articles to understand more about hosting:

  • The factors you should know when buying the hosting?
  • Popular hosting providers review?

Step 5: Setting the domain name and hosting.

After you have purchased the hosting, the hosting provider will send the Nameserver to your email, you need point your domain to this Nameserver.

Step 6: Install your blog.

Everything seems to be ready. There are many ways to install your blog. Each of them has both advantages and disadvantages. One of the simplest ways is to install automatically by using the De Luxe feature in cPanel. All you need to do is just click. 

The second way, you can manually install it, so you will understand more about your blog installation process. By this way you have to do everything manually such as uploading the source files to the hosting, creating your database, creating your user and making the configuration file, etc.

  • How to install WordPress automatically?
  • How to install WordPress manually?

Step 7: Test your blog.

After your blog has been installed successfully, now you can post a test article to see what your blog looks like. If you are confused about how to write a post you can see the article “How to write the first post?”

The last step: Configure your blog.

As you can see, how to start a blog is not very difficult. I hope that this guide will help you easily create your blog. If you have any confusion, comments or suggestions, do not hesitate to leave a comment below. They are very useful for me to improve this post.

Thank you for reading how to start a blog post.

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