How To Unfreeze Mac OS X And Close The Apps That Are Not Responding

It annoys if you are using Mac for doing something imp and suddenly it freezes up. It means you need to know how to unfreeze Mac OS X and close the apps that are not responding.

Macs, just like computers run in particular cycles, but sometimes the software gets stuck in the loop and your whole Mac becomes unresponsive.

To fix the problem, you need to identify whether an app is creating a problem or the complete OS X.

If your app’s icon and menus become unresponsive, you may encounter a rainbow wheel called Spinning Beach Ball or just SPOD.

Below are some steps that you can follow if an app in your Mac freezes up:

  • Press Command-Tab to switch to another app
  • From the Dock-Control click the app icon
  • Now click Hold option
  • Select Force Quit option and your app will be instantly closed
  • There are some other ways also from which you can close an app. You can Force quite the app window if:
  • Your Dock is not responding. Just press Command-option-Esc to open Force Quit Application window and choose the app from the list; click Force Quite button, and you are done.

The problem can’t be just from an app, what will you do if your complete OS X itself is frozen or if you can’t Force-Quit an app?

No worries, then also you can easily unfreeze your Mac, just follow some steps below:

  • Choose Apple Menu and click Restart
  • If you don’t find Apple Menu, then press Command-Control-Eject. This will immediately restart your OS X.
  • If the Mac is still not restarting, then press and hold the Power button until your Mac switches off.
  • Now press, hold and release the power button to turn it ON again when you restart your, Mac, you may find that the file you were working on is or damaged.
  • If possible, you can also recover the content from it, transfer it to a new file, and then delete the file.

We hope that steps mentioned above will help you deal with your frozen OS X or its applications. For any query or suggestion, do write in the comment section below.

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