How to Improve iPad and iPhone’s Battery life

The latest update to Apple’s mobile operating system is out worldwide and is giving your iPhone and iPad new and impressive improvements that will make your device feel like new again. And one such change is knowing how to improve iPad and iPhone’s battery life.

But with all newly added things, you might have noticed that your device’s battery life takes a dip. Apart from the higher resolution screens and impressive features, what users need the most from their devices is longer battery life.

Need to squeeze more battery out of your phone? Here some tips from iOS9 that can be used when you see your battery icon dip into the red:

Activate Low Power Mode:

Activating Low Power Mode can temporarily reduce some of your device’s functionalities like automatic downloads, mail fetch, background app refresh, and visual effects.

Though, the feature will automatically get ON When your device’s battery start squeezing to 10 or 20%, or you can manually enable it. To enable it, just go to the Settings> General>Battery>Lower Power Mode, and you are done. Now your device’s battery will run for a few extra hours.

Curb apps that run on cellular data:

Most of the apps on your iPhone or iPad use your device’s cellular data to run, and that drain your device’s battery life. Thus to shut-it off go to Settings> Cellular Data. Now, scroll down and select the app for which you want to use Cellular Data for. The apps which you swipe OFF will only connect to the internet when you are on a fast Wi-Fi connection.

Switch-OFF Background App Refresh:

Background app feature refresh apps, so whenever you open an app, they are always up with the new and refreshed data. The apps that refresh in Background can curb your cellular or Wi-Fi data even when the apps are not in use. To turn it off, tap on the Settings>General> Background App Refresh, and then deselect the app that you don’t want to update in the Background.

Disable auto-brightness and adjust manually:

iOS9 comes with a feature that auto-adjust brightness according to the light around you. But this can diminish your battery life. You can turn OFF the feature to save your device battery. Simply go to Settings>Display & Brightness, and adjust according to your personal preferences.

Trim down Auto-lock timings:

Trimming your Auto-lock timings can also conserve your device’s battery to some extent. Open Settings>General >Auto-Lock, and then set the minimum timings. You can set your lock screen to enable only for 30 seconds or 1 minute depending upon your requirements.

Aforementioned are the few ways to help you save your device’s battery life. If you find them beneficial, then use them, boost your battery life, and go some extra mile.

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