9 Effective Ways to Make Your Roof More Energy Efficient

9 Effective Ways to Make Your Roof More Energy Efficient

Today almost every homeowner pays attention to the energy efficiency of their home. And, as roof are important part of a house, the important ways to make your roof more energy efficient is to follow minor alterations.

The color of your roof and the materials used in its construction plays a vital role in making it energy efficient. There are many other things that affect the efficiency of a house. Let us explore some effective ways to make your roof energy-efficient.

Choose a Light Color for Your Roof


The color of a roof makes a big difference in maintaining the energy efficiency of your house. Dark colors absorb heat and light and direct them to the interiors of a house. 

On the other hand, light colors reflect heat and light and do not let them enter the interior of your home. Therefore, you should choose a light color to paint your roof to maximize the reflection of heat and light and keep your roof cool throughout the year.

Install Insulation Under the Roof

Most homeowners focus on painting and coating the roofs with a light color but overlooked the interior of the roof. No external measures installed on a roof can block the heat completely from entering the interior of a house.

Therefore, it becomes essential for homeowners to install proper insulation on the underside of a roof to prevent the heat from entering their interiors.

There are a variety of insulation materials for roofs available in the market. You can choose a material depending upon your requirements and budget. 

Consider an Alternative to Asphalt Shingles


Many people prefer a roof made up of Asphalt shingles, but Asphalt is not considered good for energy efficiency. Materials like steel and clay tiles help to keep a roof cool and improve its energy efficiency.

Most used materials absorb heat and reflect it more, thereby preventing it from entering your house. 

Add a Cooling Coating

Coating plays a hugely important role in a metal roof’s energy efficiency. The coatings are similar to thick paint, which not only enhances a roof’s reflectivity, which energy efficiency, but also its longevity and weather-resistance.

Many metal roofs are pre-coated with aluminum, zinc, or a combination of both, particularly steel. You do have the option of choosing your paint and coating by hand, however, so make sure you investigate the emissivity of different coatings.

Painting your room with cool coating helps your air conditioning systems to work less hard to keep your interiors cool. By using this method, you don’t need to replace the entire roof or the roofing material.

All you need to do is to get cool coating paint from the market and apply it on your roof with the help of a painting professional. You can add a cooling coating to any type of roofing material. 

Install Metal Roofing

Metal roofs are eco-friendly and energy-efficient as they come with a reflective coating that reflects most of the light as well as heat falling on it.

Metal roofs are more expensive than Asphalt shingles and clay tiles, but they have a longer life, and they save you money over the years due to their high energy efficiency.

Metal roofs are also recyclable and safe for disposal and recycling after use.  

Improve your Ventilation

Perhaps the most energy-efficient roof can still allow a bit of heat to get into your attic. A reliable ventilation system can assist in removing the hot air from your attic.

It is possible to program active systems that use a fan to turn on at a given temperature so that they only turn on when necessary. Good ventilation systems blend technology with the use of natural air to cool your roof and interiors when the interior temperature reaches a specified value. 

Plant a Garden on Your Roof


Another best way to keep your roof cool is to plant a garden on your roof. However, to use this wonderful technique, your roof needs to be strong enough to support the weight of soil and plants.

Also, you need to make sure that there are no leaks in your roof. You may also need to install some insulation before planting a garden on your roof. 

Therefore, it is best to consult a routine professional before planning to plant a garden on your roof. Also, you need to do some research about the plants and grasses that grow well in your region.

A Roof Garden, if installed in the right way, can help you save on energy bills significantly. Moreover, it can also help in stormwater management and add the beauty of nature to your home.

Attic Insulation 

If your home is not already constructed in a way to minimize the use of energy, you are not going to get as much out of your roof as possible.

You can add insulation layers to the roof, seal holes and close up leaks around doors and windows as well. You can do these things yourself or employ a contractor if you ‘re not confident in making DIY home improvements.

Take Advice from Professionals

A roofing professional can guide you on the materials and design of your roof to make it most energy efficient and suitable for all weather conditions.

Professional services like Brisbane roof restoration can offer you a roof design and plan to keep your interiors cool in summer and warm in winter. 

Final Words

Finding ways to make your home more energy-efficient will help you save money on your monthly heating costs and decrease your reliance on limited natural resources. Energy efficiency begins with the quality of the roofing system at your home.

Consider upgrading your current roofing materials to an energy-efficient metal roof, by applying a cool coating. And when you try to make your roofing system more energy efficient in the future, assess the efficiency of the insulation in your home attic.

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