Mexican Tortillas: Must-Try Mouthwatering Dish!

Since antiquity, a Mexican dine table without tortillas is considered an empty table!

Often confusing with tacos, enchiladas, gorditas, sopes, nachos, etc. the traditional tortillas are the essential part of Mexican meal. Moreover, they are considered as the most popular food among the North Americans and the Mesoamericans.

Made by using the three color (white, yellow and blue) maize dough, tortillas are the most savored dish of the country.

What Is A Tortilla

The tortilla is a distant cuisine from the flatbread family, which is made by using the finer texture of the corn flour. Typically made from wheat or corn, it’s a small thin pancake that is usually served with the savory fillings.

Dishes With Tortillas

To get the real scoop of Mexican tortillas, have a look at some of the popular dishes from tortillas, and they are the must-eat one!


Folded or rolled in a tempting filling of seasoned meat and veggies, a taco is a traditional Mexican dish made from corns.

Fill the dish with pig, chicken or stewed, and cook at the grill to get the mouth-watering taste.  Cheese, rice, beans, grilled spring onions, and cactus paddles (nopales) are some other common addition to the tacos fillings.


It’s a folded long tortilla filled with melted cheese (sometimes not often) or any other filling of meat and veggies.  Their common variations are:

  • Deep Fried Quesadillas: Filled with the guisado, the fresh yellow corn dough is deep fried and severed with tempting sauces.
  • Gordita de Chicharron: In this, the corn dough is filed with chicharron and is then shaped into a circle. It served with salsa, cilantro and onion for more flavors.


Savor your buds with the easy, cheesy enchilada boats, filled with tomato-chilling sauce topped with fresh onions and cilantro.

Further, enchilada is shredded meat or cheese rolled in corn tortillas and dipped in red or green enchilada sauce. Cheese, beans potatoes, veggies and meat are some of the common fillings of enchilada.


Chilaquiles are the triangular, deep-fried tortillas simmered in a red or green spicy sauce. Topped with cheese, sour sauce and some fresh onion, they make perfect healthy breakfast. The enhanced version is accompanied with eggs, grilled steak or refried beans. 


Sope, also known as picadita, is a traditional Mexican dish that originates in the central and southern part of Mexico. It looks like thin, shallow shells of tortilla that are deep fried until they are crisped. The hot tendered shells are then served with the tempting fillings of meat, cheese, lettuce onion and salsa.

To add a hint of flavor and texture, sprinkle light, and refreshing avocado-lime cream and some fresh cilantro, and your delicious dish is ready!


Nachos are the crisp, crunchy tortilla chips that are deep fried and are served with the cheesy dips or sauces.


It’s a pastry, made from corn flour that is stuffed with the cheese, meat or other fillings. Slightly similar to a Venezuelan arepa, the Gordita variations are consumed mostly in central and Southern Mexico.


Flauta, also called taquito or tacos dorados is a rolled-up corn tortilla filled with beef, chicken or cheese.  They are usually crisp-fried or deep-fried and are often served with sour cream and guacamole.


It’s a Tex-Mex flavorful grilled meat often served as a taco on the tortilla. Cooked with onion and bell peppers, and combined with the shrimp, lamb, salmon, fish and other meats, Fajita is perfect for lunch or dinner.

Sizzle it with guacamole, salsa, pico de gallo, sour cream and your savory meal is ready in no time!

Tortillas are the most quintessential staple food of Mexican cuisine. So, if you are enjoying tostadas, chips and tacos, that’s because of the tortilla!

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