Explore Top Mobile Application Development Trends 2020

There’s a huge horde of top mobile application development trends in 2020 among businesses. No matter what kind of business you own, getting a mobile app is your primary need.

The reason is quite clear to all. Mobile users are growing by leaps and bounds and thus a business must get a mobile application to target users and increase their audience base successfully. 

Meanwhile, having a mobile app is not the only solution. Businesses must also ensure that their mobile application is developed on the latest trends to match the frequently changing behaviors of users and thus help them in increasing their products and ROIs.

Whether you have an existing mobile app or plan to think about creating a new mobile app for your business, you should always get in touch with a mobile application development company that develops apps leveraging the cutting-edge technologies and the latest trends.

Emerging Mobile App Development Trends 2020

We are going to discuss here some of the top mobile application development trends that are expected to gain ground in the year 2020. And the majority of app developers are expected to follow this to develop mobile applications.

Beacon Technology

Beacon is an emerging technology, which has been in the mobile app development trend for the past 4 years and is expected to remain in the trend even in this year. It’s basically a wireless transmitter that uses Bluetooth technology to catch and send signals.  

Beacon technology is of late widely used for marketing purposes. The technology already earned its wider acceptance among multiple industries including Healthcare, Retail, and many more.


When we talk about some revolutionary technologies, Blockchain appears on the top of the list. Today, many businesses like startups and enterprises have their own Blockchain-based applications leveraged Smart Contract and other platforms.

Those who don’t have Blockchain applications hire mobile application development services that can cater to their needs in a proper way and help them in making their businesses prosper.

Wearable Devices

Though wearable devices are not new in the market, it’s true that these devices have made a significant impact on app development and became the hottest mobile application development trend.

People nowadays frequently use smartwatches, smart glasses, and many other devices that are blessed with lots of features and let them feel great. This prompts mobile application development services providers to cater to businesses by creating apps for wearable devices.

5G Technology

The 5G technology gained a major attention among mobile users for multiple reasons that include Data Security, 3D Gaming, Speed, Augmented Reality, etc. apart from its speed, which is of course much faster than a 4G network.

So, the 5G technology is another emerging technology that is expected to gain ground in 2020 as the most prominent mobile application development trend. It is expected that the majority of mobile app developers who will leverage 5G technology to develop a mobile app in the year 2020.

Internet of Things (IoT)

It’s another technology that has been a popular mobile app development trend for the last 4 to 5 years and will gain the same kind of acceptance among mobile app developers.

The use of IoT in app development not only increased the usability of the final product but also helped businesses in gaining the attention of their target audience. And thus helped them in making their business prosper.

In the year 2020, a mobile app development company will focus on this technology and will leverage it to create intelligent apps to let businesses grab multiple growth opportunities.

Instant Apps

Since its launch in the year 2016, instant apps have been popular among users. Developers create these apps on the Android platform. Instant applications are generally native apps that work like a website and also can easily draw the attention of users with their functionalities.

The most important thing about the instant application is that users don’t need to download and install applications to access it. They can directly access these apps and see its features and functionalities.

Digital Wallet

Mobile payment has been popular among people for making payments fast and quite easier. But, it was often talked for having lots of security loopholes. Thanks to IoT and several other technologies that made the process of mobile payment highly secure.            

There are a number of brands today use digital wallets to help customers make a safe and instant transaction. This made digital wallet as the hottest app development services.


After going through the above mobile app development trends for 2020, you may be seeking to revamp your existing app or create new mobile apps based on these trends. All you need to do is to hire reputed mobile application development services.  

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