How Mobile Technology Revolutionize your Business

How Mobile Technology Revolutionize your Business

Everyone and their dog uses smartphones these days. They are so well integrated into our lives that I use my cell as my primary contact number. I don’t even remember when I used my Spectrum phone service last. But of course, there is a difference between personal usage and professional. 

Until a few years ago, most professionals preferred to use desk phones for communication. But the trend has changed. Mobile technology has revolutionized business communication standards. More businesses rely on mobile technology today than ever before. 

How Has Mobile Technology Changed Business?

Mobile technology has proved itself to be crucial for businesses. Not only does it allow businesses to operate more efficiently, by saving time. But it has also allowed businesses to enjoy cost savings. For a qualitative understanding of how mobile technology has improved business, let’s analyze the results of a study. 

This study was conducted by the Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council, with AT&T:

  • Approximately 67 percent of businesses that use mobile apps report time savings of 150 hours each
  • Businesses that incorporate smartphone apps for productivity also report an average cost saving of $6,000 a year
  • The current rate of small businesses who use smartphone technology to conduct operations stands at 94 percent.
  • Small businesses in the US save more than $65 billion a year by implementing the use of mobile technology.
  • Small businesses in the US also report time savings of nearly 2 billion hours every year thanks to smartphone and tablets. 

Not only are smartphones essential for online marketing strategies, like managing social media. But businesses also rely on them for their mobile websites, advertising needs, and email marketing. And the use of mobile technology in business doesn’t end there. Most businesses also use mobile technology for hand-held POS systems as well as for business operation needs. 

5 Ways Mobile Technology Has Revolutionized Business

When mobile phones were introduced, businesses all over the world rejoiced. It meant that employees were more reachable to customers and that meant an enormous increase in productivity. The same was true when smartphones were first introduced. Answering emails on the go. But today’s mobile technology has blown everything else out of the water.  

  1. Business Apps
  2. Collaboration Platforms
  3. Handheld POS Systems
  4. Tablets 
  5. IoT Devices and GPS Technology

#1. Business Apps

One of the major advantages of mobile technology for business is the apps. Have you ever checked how many business-related apps are available in your app stores? You can find an app to make your business operations run smoother. Apps to save you time. And even apps to help you manage your accounts. 

Imagine you have to send shipping details to a client. You have just collected the physical documents from the agent. Now you have to scan and send them to your client. Instead of heading back to the office, scanning and emailing the documents, you can simply use your phone. Use a scanning app on your phone to scan the documents and email them to your client. 

#2. Collaboration Platforms

Cutting costs is one of the top priorities of any business. One of the most common ways to cut down on costs is to outsource tasks. Instead of hiring a firm in the US, you might be able to find one abroad. Traditionally, most businesses preferred to use companies in the same city or state. Because it was more convenient to keep track of progress. 

But not anymore. Mobile technology has allowed for advanced collaboration platforms. They allow teams all over the world to successfully work on projects together. Some platforms are so advanced that they allow multiple teams to collaborate in real-time. 

#3. Handheld POS Systems

Mobile technology has allowed for handheld POS systems. A POS system is your Point of Sale. That means you can process payments for your business anywhere. Small businesses like coffee shops who also operate at trade shows and events benefit from this tremendously. 

Traditionally the POS system would be placed in the physical outlet. So businesses who operated through temporary outlets at events had issues with cash management and stock keeping. Handheld POS systems solved such issues. 

#4. Tablets

Tablets are used more in businesses today, than anywhere else. Why? Because they are convenient and are adaptable for multiple uses.

Most small businesses are even able to adapt them into makeshift POS systems. They are also very handy for meetings, small presentations, and many other professional tasks. 

#5. IoT and GPS Devices

IoT devices and GPS technology have proven to be crucial for companies to plan better routes, track shipments. While the technology is adaptable to any industry, the most widespread use of it so far has been in logistics. 

It is clear that mobile technology has advanced businesses tremendously. Over the years I too have integrated smartphones into my business. And today, I can’t think of functioning without my mobile technology. The benefits are real and tangible. I have seen the cost savings and look forward to integrating more tech!

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