Most Romantic Places to visit in Mexico

Most romantic places to visit in Mexico

If you are considering Mexico as your romantic getaway, you must have been, at least a bit influenced by the landscapes in Pablo Escobar or El Chapo series on Netflix.

It has been observed that there is a drastic rise in the number of tourists visiting Mexico due to these tele-series. But apart from visiting the life locations of these famous personalities, Mexico is a place that has a soul.

A very passionate soul that can be felt in the vibe of the country, wherever you visit. And what better place to visit other than Mexico if you want to kindle passion into your relationship. 

So, here are some of the most romantic places to visit in Mexico;

Playel Del Carmen

If you want to explore the best beaches in Mexico, start at Playel Del Carmen. It is a great destination, especially for honeymooners, as it offers the best of nature’s reserves and a world-renowned nightlife.

You can enjoy a lazy day by taking a dip in the Azure Ocean or take a tourist trip to the Quinta Avenida. 

San Miguel De Allende

Imagine the thrill when you visit UNESCO listed most beautiful town in the country. It has the best combination of the artsy heritage and the best street coffee one can try with their loved one on a relaxed evening. 

Cabo San Lucas

One of the renowned celebrity beaches, Cabo San Lucas has one of the Mexico top beaches for lovers called Playel De Amor (Lover’s Beach). It has a serene environment, beautiful sunset spot, clean white sand and clear ocean water to spend a lazy day with your loved one. 

Puerto Vallarta

This place offers the best of both worlds, be it the best of Mexico romantic places to the adventurous ones. It has beautiful coastline and a dense jungle.

It has also romantic candle lit bars and loud foot thumping clubs. You make a choice of what you and your lover would like to do in your special time. 


if you believe in eating like a local, Oaxaca is just the place for you. It has some of the most traditional areas of Mexico offering an authentic cuisine from the homes of the locals.

They also have beautiful handicrafts allowing you to find a great souvenir for your memorable trip. 


This place has made history for banning kissing in public places. Well, these rules didn’t work out for the passionate Mexicans.

So, even after lifting the law, after all these years, it attracts people in love from across the world to steal a kiss on the streets of Guanajuato. 


You will often find this place on the list of tourist’s itineraries in Mexico. Situated a stone’s throw from the capital, this is an ideal place for honeymooners to take a day trip, binge on local desserts or take-home modernist art pieces as a souvenir.

Travelling to different places is a way to rejuvenate you from stress and day to day work life. Gradually time has arrived when most of our lives move on the tread mill due to hectic work schedules and we hardly get some time for ourselves.

Be it travelling solo or with your partner, Mexico has numerous white sand and blue water beaches. Apart from travel destinations, you can experience the New York style nightlife being in Mexico.

Visiting these places will give you an experience you have never imagined and a memory of a lifetime with that special someone. So, the next time you are planning for a romantic trip, don’t forget to put Mexico on the list. 

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