Tips To Make Friends And Settle In An European Country

While living in a new European country can be full of excitement and positive experiences, there will be difficulties and impediment along the way. Even if all the other things- house, work life, healthcare, schools, etc are good; expats and their families don’t feel at home. However, with time things start falling into place. 

Whether you are moving for some time or for the rest of your life, being procreative, making new friends and adapting new life is the key for any expatriate. Although, it’s daunting to get under the skin of a country, with time things start becoming good. Sooner you adapt the new culture, the better you’ll feel living in a new European country. 

So if you’re living in a foreign land, or are planning to move to one, making the very first contact is difficult for any expatriate. 

And to help you out, here are few tips that can help you make new friends and settle in a new country:

Take Small Steps: 

Go slow; take baby steps. Start a conversation with a co-passenger who’s flying to the same country. Enquire about local food, culture, lifestyle and much more. 

Participate In Sports And Hobbies: 

Joining a sports team is a bit of clinch, but it works. You can talk to people with the similar interests to you; play the sport you both like.  You can also join any hobby class whilst giving you the opportunity to try something.

Spending some Me-time in house or bars:

Jigging in a club or hitting the bar can be a perfect way to make new friends It won’t take more than 5 minutes to start to chat with locals on a drink. You can also try your hands in fun activities like pub quizzes, racing nights, karaoke nights which will give you the chance to mix with the fellow expats. Popular expat associates who can happily strike conversation be found anywhere, you can meet them.

Participate In Voluntary Or Charity Work: 

There are large numbers of groups who always seek for volunteers that can take part in different activities. Pick a charity event and try to work with them. Offer your help to them and make new contacts. 


Gifts work best when you’re going to meet your new neighbor or your new boss. You try gifting a wine bottle, chocolates, some DIY, or anything. You can purchase from the market or from ExpatBazar at very affordable prices. You can gift you boss any special item from your previous country and make them feel important. 

Everybody experience the feeling of loneliness and social isolation after moving to a new place. But once you make contacts, settling in a new country with new friends will become painless.

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