Types of Signage Businesses Use For Advertising

Types Of Signage Businesses Use For Advertising

In our everyday life, we all come across a variety of signage advertising. There are a variety of signage boards that advertise for products, service, or brand.

These are advertising tools designed in a way to attract the attention of people. Although there are many digital marketing tools for advertising, many businesses still use banner signs for advertising.

Businesses use different types of signboards depending on the location and audience they want to target. Let us know more about various types of banner signs available for advertising.




The massive advertising boards you see on the road intersections, bus terminals and airports are Billboards. They are visible from a distance due to their large size and bold graphics.

Billboards can attract the attention of people and convey your message to them. Most big brands like Pepsi, Coca Cola, and Mc. Donald’s advertising their products and brand through Billboards.

Vinyl Banners

The vinyl banners are made up of vinyl material that offers many benefits to the advertisers. The printing ink used on vinyl banner does not fade for years to make your advertisement visible for years.

Vinyl banners are highly versatile, and you can create them in any size. If you want a small banner for indoor use in a retail store, you can use a vinyl banner. Moreover, you can also get vinyl banners of the size of a billboard for outdoor use.

Mesh banners 

The mesh banners are produced from vinyl fabric as well, but the material contains small perforations. They are mounted on a metal frame and can tolerate severe weather conditions.

Mesh banners are perfect for use in locations that witness frequent rains and winds. The tiny holes in the fabric enable air to pass through them, preventing the flag from blown away.

The high-quality ink and bold graphics retain the visibility of your advertisement for years.

Pull up / Retractable Signs

Pull up banner signs are perfect to use in events and retail stores. The banners are vertically six feet long, and the breadth varies depending on your requirements.

Pull up banner are portable, and you can carry them to the events and tradeshows in your car. They are straightforward to install at any place that you can install and remove them within a few minutes.

Pop up booths and displays



The pop-up booths and displays are used for advertising a brand or its goods and services in trade shows and exhibitions. Businesses install them on the back or wall of the shell of an exhibition.

Because of their dimensional nature and sturdier support, pop-up booths can extend them broader retractable banners. Installing is not as simple as pulling up banners, but within a few minutes, you can bring it down.

Suspended and hanging banners

In order to generate maximum visibility and effect, hanging banners hang from a ceiling or help to show advertisements above a public. While it is a bit difficult to install them on the roof in locations such as shopping malls, the probable findings are worth the effort.

Hanging banners are extremely flexible, and banners such as rectangular, triangular, elliptical, and various shapes can come in any form.

Fabric Banners 

Fabric banners, generally made of polyester, provide amazing bold graphics captivating and amazing. These displays are washable in machines and wrinkle-resistant (unlike vinyl banners).

They can be a perfect advertising solution for any company that requires a high-quality banner with little or no setup time.

However, a fabric banner’s show-stopping radiance can vanish in the outdoor locations. So we suggest using it for indoor advertising only. You can use fabric banners in trade shows, sporting events, great openings, residential promotions, and presentations.

Construction signage

These are the banner signs that real estate companies use on their sites and other places for advertising. Real estate companies use construction signage for the advertisement of their projects.

They use them on their fencings and also on crowded locations to inform people about their current and upcoming projects. Some other businesses also use construction signage for the advertisement of the brand and offerings.

Informative signs 

There are directional and information signs in addition to banner signs for advertising. Informational signs are used by businesses to educate clients and visitors about different areas on their premises.

For instance, a sign for the reception shows the reception region, and a sign for the staircase displays stairs. In a shopping mall, there are various signs to help individuals discover different areas such as clothing, cosmetics, footwear, bags, electronics, and counters for billing.

Final Words

These are some types of banner signs companies’ use for advertising. However, it is essential to make the signage attractive to get the attention of viewers.

Businesses can hire a reputed signage company to create high-quality banner signs for promotion of their products/services and create brand awareness.

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