5 Jibes Vegans Are Sick Of Hearing

I AM A VEGAN. And by this I mean no meat, no dairy, no eggs, yep it’s hardcore.

Being a vegan is good, but there are some niggles that come knocking at your door when you say NO to the things you love eating.

You have to stride roads to enjoy the meat-free food you could eat; you constantly have to explain why you don’t have any animal product. And the worst- checking ingredients every time when buying or eating any packed food. Although it’s healthy and good being a vegan, sometimes it’s a struggle.

Here are a few struggles that only a vegan could understand know and is sick of hearing:

People’s misconceptions:

What’s your diet:

what do you eat? Do you wear different clothes and a lot more? There are so many misconceptions that people around the world have. They think that vegans weave their own hemp cloth, die of malnutrition, and preach their own lifestyle.

Dude! Common! Vegans are not aliens from different planet. They are a normal human being and live a normal life. They are creative chefs and love eating healthy food.

Hi! Meet my vegan friend…PLEASE never introduce any vegan like this. Otherwise, they will be dragged into the conversation about what they eat.

Vegans know how much protein they are consuming, they are not going to die from malnutrition. They eat and cook healthy food. yummm!! That coconut milk ice cream was soooo creamy.

Oh no! ‘What I had done’ Guilt:

Dealing with the guilt of accidentally eating any meat or dairy product is worst. Questions like what I had done? I can never forgive myself, can’t I once check before eating, and many more starts chasing you like a ghost.

Debating whether it’s good for a vegan to wear leather or eat honey:

As a vegan, honey and leather jackets are out of bounds. Honey production is one of the few productions that aren’t specifically classified as a result of a green revolution. And, the leather we buy doesn’t have the complete specification of the fabric and colors they have used. The only thing you will find on them is the brand. ‘But that leather jacket is so stylish.’

Being hysterical because some junk foods are vegan:

“Oreos are Vegan” yuppie! It’s little daunting that there’s hardly any snack in the market that a vegan can eat. But there are few snacks that you can buy without checking its ingredients because their brand themselves are vegan.

There are some things that a vegan can eat like a vegan cream cheese. Ahh! Wish there would be a vegan pizza place too.

These VEGAN PROBLEMS are nothing when compared to the satisfaction you get being the one.

And in the end, if being vegan is making your skin look good and healthy, it’s all worth it. After all, it’s not embarrassing to love Mother Nature, nor it’s a sin.

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