Vietnamese Dishes You Should Try If You Are There!

So, you are witnessing the crowd of patrons slurping mouth-watering Vietnamese dishes everywhere?

Food is in the heart of Vietnamese culture!

Influenced by its neighbors in Thailand, China, and Malaysia, and by its French colonial past, the traditional Vietnamese cuisine is all about balance. Moreover, the rich & intense flavors, aromatic herbs and the contrasting textures of each Vietnam dish comes with its own bottle of fragrance.

Whether it’s redolent of mint, savory sauces, simmered food and of course the fish sauce, the street eateries and the local restaurants are everywhere to please your taste buds.

Further, the simplicity of these dishes, their subtle variations and fresh ingredients will keep pulling you back toward them! Have a look at the most savory dishes that should be in your platter when in the country:


No Vietnam cuisine would be complete without having pho!

The amalgamation of salty broth, fresh rice noodles with the dash of herbs along with chicken or beef is what this staple-dish is all about.  The mint leaves, Vietnamese basil, lime and bean sprouts add sweet and complex flavors to the dish. From street stalls to the high-end dining areas, pho is the most popular meal for breakfast or lunch.

Goi cuon:

Want to try something light, healthy and fresh? Add Goi cuon to your plate!

The translucent cigar-shaped parcels packed with green salads, coriander and sometimes with pork or shrimp, it’s a wholesome choice if you are too much of fried rolls in Vietnam. They are also served with a bowl of lettuce or mint, or with Vietnamese peanuts-hoisin sauce. In southern Asia, these summer rolls come with barbecued strips of pork wrapped in the green banana and star fruit.

Banh beo:

If you are a fan of sticky and chewy dishes, Banh beo is just for you!

The savored small rice cake feature dimples at the center with scallions, fried shallots and baby shrimp on the top. The irresistible aroma from the scallion oil along with the vibrant orange colored scrimped paste, and crispy crutons are to die for. Top it off with the Vietnams favorite fish sauce, and you are good to hit a delicious snack.

Banh xeo:

Savor the crisp-edged sizzling pancakes from Vietnam. Made from the rice flour, coconut milk and the turmeric, these are pan-fried pancakes that are stuffed with the shrimp, pork or bean sprouts. 

To enjoy it, wrap it in a rice paper, sprinkle fresh herbs over it and dunk it in special Vietnam’s sauces.

Banh mi

Banh mi is one of the most prominent remains of French colonial days which have attracted a growing fan around the world. Filled with green leaves and your favorite fillings or freshly made omelet, this delicious baguette sandwich is a must-try.

Head to southern Vietnam and your Banh mi will contain sausages, fried eggs, fresh cilantro, chili sauces, cold cuts, cheese and much more.

By no means it’s a definitive list, but the dishes mentioned above are most interesting, delicious and most memorable, Try them if you want to indulge in the flavors of Vietnam!

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