What are The Best Putlocker. ch Alternatives: Here Are Some for Video Streaming!

What are the best Putlocker. ch alternatives: here are some for video streaming!

The video streaming services was just an add-on in the entertainment t platforms with DVD’s trickling the Tv shows and other movies. You can call these streaming services as the supplement to various programs that you used to watch on the televisions.

But, later, the digital era changed, and the overpowering Internet and the dedicated video devices come in existence, but still, it lacked the explosion of original content. And then comes the most popular and famous name in the video streaming industry- Putlocker.ch.

Putlocker is for indexing the online sites and for hosting various files that are used for streaming movies and other TV shows. However, the streaming sites itself doesn’t host any content. Instead, it let users easily find and access files that are hosted at other platforms.

The origin of Putlocker.com was in the United Kingdom back in 2011, and in just a year there was a rage among people to download it. Further, in the same year, when it was launched, the stats indicate an average of 800,000 visitors on the site. The visitors become doubled, when the putlocker’s competitive site, Megaupload shut.

In 2016, one on every 5th person was watching videos on this video streaming site, and its viewers become millions. In fact, putlocker become one of the top 150 sites that have millions of views only in the USA.

It was among 250 sites on the Internet which was popular for getting the most attention. This way, putlocker start getting the same attention as that of other video streaming sites, which results in the change in the domain of the site.

The attempts of the change in site’s name made a website change its name to putlocker.toputlockers.is and more.

Nonetheless, knowing the exact name of the current site is a little difficult. So, if you are looking for its alternatives, here are some other video streaming sites that are alternatives to putlocker and can be used:


Fmovies is a site that let you stream thousands of movies and TV programs for free. While it’s been only a few years since its launch, it’s popularity has outgrown.

The latest movies and other video content can be called as one of the reasons for its popularity. Also, Fmovies is easy to use and have a friendly interface, just like Netflix.

However, in 2018, the site was identified as the piracy sites with other sites and a Swedish ISP ordered to block FMovies. In 2018, it was blocked and later was blacklisted. This also means, if you are unable to access any video content on Fmovies, try using other domains.

Amazon prime:

If you want to stream video content in high quality, try Amazon Prime. Unlike other video streaming services like Putlocker.ch, Amazon prime is not free. And despite being a paid subscriber, it has millions of subscribers around the world.

Since it contains high-quality content, it is reliable and is also popular among various people. Enroll yourself for its prime membership get easy access to the latest blockbusters, exclusive shows, and other original content.

Besides, you can also listen to the ad-free, unlimited music, plus get access to free and instant delivery of the things you order from the Amazon store.


Hulu is another most popular alternative of Putlocher.ch. Since it packs a huge library of movies from all genres, you can call it a complete TV. Besides, you can also have Hulu access from anywhere from any device; all you need is a good internet connection.

Also, unlike Putlocher and other video streaming sites, it let users get easy access to many popular TVD and series from various networks. Besides, it can easily adjust to various quality levels, which may depend on your internet speed.

This also means, if you are planning to stream on multiple devices, you need to have more bandwidth to have quality services.

SolarMovies or SMovies:

SMovies comes with the movies from action, romance, fiction, and more. Just pick your favorite genre and binge-watch your missed movies and shows.

Besides, the site is completely free, and you can also watch the most iconic soap operas. The huge library of more than 30 genres will never make you feel bore.

Just register your account and watch high-quality movies with ease. And, in case you are unable to find SolarMovies on the web, keep altering keywords as the site keeps on changing the domain name to protect it from anti-privacy.

Channel 131:

The outlook of the website might look dull and boring, don’t judge from its cover. Its interface is good and is packed with all the amazing content that you would love watching.

It’s a vast library of TV shows, seasons, and other TVD’s will keep you entertained all the time. Moreover, if you are getting bored, just listen to its amazing music from the site.

Just keep in mind that when you click, you get similar links of 3-4 links of the same episodes, from which you can pick whatever you find suitable for your niche.

So, those were some of the best putlocher.ch alternatives you can try for video streaming! 

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