Why Is Windows VPS Hosting Cheaper Than Cloud Dedicated Server

Windows VPS is a popular choice now for web developers. Over the past few years, a large number of website owners have chosen this unique hosting service because it offers special server flexibility. Dedicated servers tend to be very expensive and not affordable for all. You can now enjoy all the functions and comfort without having to spend too much when using VPS.

All About Windows VPS Hosting

In VPS Hosting, one physical machine is divided into several small servers. These servers have separate resources such as OS, RAM, CPU and Disk Space. The Windows VPS environment is easier to manage if you don’t have a lot of technical skills. This boasts a more familiar graphical interface. This is very easy to use. If you develop in ASP or ASP.NET, the Windows environment is all about integration and support for this script. This is also ideal for users with MS SQL databases. Choosing VPS hosting is the best option if Your business is small and your monthly web traffic is predictable.

 Benefits of Windows VPS Hosting 

  • When you use windows VPS, you will be able to start your own online business without having to worry too much about a large initial investment. This is a big benefit for web developers and also retailers.
  • With VPS hosting, a special IP can be allocated to every account.
  • You don’t need to worry about maintaining your server; it will be managed by your hosting provider at no additional cost.
  • Because of the various cost advantages offered by Window VPS, you can run and manage multiple websites for a part of the current costs.
  • Windows VPS service allows you to do full server customizations, you can enjoy greater visibility and higher profits.
  • VPS hosting gives you a great level of security – comparable to other servers.
  • With Windows VPS you don’t need to worry about expensive systems and equipment. With VPS, the equipment you will use is very simple.
  • You will get root access and full control from your server and you can reboot whenever you need it.

 All About Cloud Dedicated Server 

Dedicated Servers are when you can use one server exclusively and you don’t have to share a server with other people. Dedicated servers offer the highest flexibility, you can install whatever you like whenever you need it. It makes you the person in control and you can choose to customize your server according to your needs and needs of your domain. Even though the dedicated server is on the expensive side, you get some features and options that are worth paying for. You can choose the fastest processor, a large amount of RAM and multi-petabyte hard disk, add more servers according to the budget.

 Benefits of Cloud Dedicated Server 

  • In a Dedicated Cloud Server, you will have 100% of your resources available at any time to your Server.
  • Perfect for startups or websites and average size applications for blogs, personal, or existing businesses.
  • Sufficient resources to deploy and host multiple portals, websites, blogs, and CMS.
  • Suitable for established small portals, blogs, and smaller online shops.
  • Sufficient memory – run an intermediate to a large memory-intensive database application.
  • If you are a tech-savvy, you can easily handle cloud dedicated server customizations.
  • Massive processing power and Gigs of memory, suitable for portals, online stores, or websites that are visited a lot.
  • Get more resources to run websites and applications with moderate to high traffic.
  • In the Cloud Dedicated Server, data is stored in the event of an unexpected malfunction, such as a server failure, data can be retrieved after the server is brought back online.

 What Makes Windows VPS a Cost-Effective Hosting rather than a Cloud Dedicated Server 

VPS Hosting is emerging as one of the most preferred hosting solutions because it is very cost-effective and feature-rich that works on traffic-intensive websites. Many companies offer efficient, safe but affordable Windows VPS hosting packages that meet the needs of variable business jobs with perfect features and functions, which in turn ensure much better reliability and productivity.

 Here are some of the Windows VPS hosting features that make it better-Cost-Effective than Cloud Dedicated Servers

  • Windows VPS hosting makes it possible to customize your server. You can control settings for Windows installation with Windows VPS.
  • You gain control of your server, including root access to your server. Additionally, you can reboot your server freely. Dedicated Cloud Servers are regularly selected by large companies with unusual or higher requirements than usual, only the team is responsible for daily server operations.
  • Windows VPS hosting is ideal for small business owners to enjoy flexibility in their applications, while the Cloud Dedicated Server is on the expensive side for you with many features and options.
  • The Window VPS hosting solution can end all your problems including performance, speed, update, backup and infrastructure in an affordable price range. On the other hand, a Cloud Dedicated Server is usually the most expensive hosting option. You will also need to pay an additional charge to install, monitor and maintain the server.
  • It’s expensive and can cause problems when your website traffic will peak. So, 100% active time and efficient traffic control are not guaranteed on the Dedicated cloud server. With a Windows VPS server, you are free to check for updates first to avoid conflicts about installing updates.

 Why choose eWebguru Windows VPS hosting? 

eWebGuru Windows VPS hosting is designed after analyzing the unique needs of different customers that can provide optimal results. Users can take advantage of diverse data center locations ensuring fast response times and high availability.

eWebGuru has developed its hosting environment to manage servers, email and more. This includes everything from installing and managing PHP, MySQL, Perl and Ruby on Rails to helping you configure firewalls, spam rules, and backups.

The cloud hosting server managed by eWebGuru comes with the added benefit of guidance from our expert professionals. This helps clients meet their strategic business objectives effectively and efficiently. From computing to backup storage and disaster recovery, eWebGuru offers everything.


When it comes to cheaper options between Windows VPS Hosting and cloud dedicated servers, the answer will always be VPS Hosting. The reason why cloud hosting is more expensive than VPS hosting is because of some features available in the Cloud hosting  service but not in the VPS Hosting service.

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