10 Best CBD Gummies For 2022

Do you love snacking on some sweet edibles whenever you are busy with your daily schedule? Or do you want something to cool down your mind after a hectic day? You probably need to try the magic stored in the best weed pen flooding the market currently.

The hemp market is showing unending growth every day, with hundreds of companies competing to fill the increasing gap. It is no longer a surprise to find hemp-derived products sold in different formulations, including CBD gummies, topicals, tincture oils, and vape oils. Of all the formulations, CBD gummies have remained the number-one choice due to their numerous acclaimed advantages. For instance, most people prefer gummies because they have tasty flavors, are easy to dose, and can fit into any lifestyle efficiently. However, that does not mean that every product you get your hands on is safe.

While all the brands claim to give approved CBD gummies, sometimes what is written is not what buyers get. That is primarily due to a lack of vital information about the company, such as extraction and manufacturing processes, third-party laboratory results, ingredients used, and reliable customer feedback. Therefore, it is upon the buyer to research the best brand to trust with their health and overall wellbeing. However, if it is your first time trying these much-praised gummies, don’t worry since we have sampled the 10 best CBD gummies for 2022.

1. JustCBD Gummies

JustCBD has scaled the height of success to become among the leading manufacturers of the best CBD gummies on the market. Since its inception, the company has remained committed to its sole purpose of improving people’s lives by ensuring they live stress-free life. They do this through the production of relaxation CBD products using all-organic ingredients. The company also uses USA-based hemp grown in fertile soils with zero harsh contaminants, such as artificial fertilizers, pesticides, and heavy metals. Besides, all JustCBD products, including CBD gummies under rigorous third-party laboratory testing to ensure only high-quality variants hit the market.

JustCBD gummies have become popular due to their lack of aftertaste which might be a deal breaker for some consumers. The company manufactures tasty, effective, and fun candy-like gummies for undecided people who still don’t know which flavor to buy. Also, JustCBD offers its GMP-certified CBD Gummies UK in various flavors and variants, including traditional gummy bears, rings and gummy worms, and sharks. Those fighting diabetes can also benefit from sugar-free gummies from the company.

The best-selling JustCBD gummies include Clear Bears, Apple Rings, Sour Bears, Happy Face, Gummy Cherries, and many more. They also have a wide range of CBD potencies, ranging from 8 mg of CBD to 44 mg of CBD per gummy. Examples of JustCBD gummies include the CBD Gummies 3000 mg Jar with a spectacular taste resulting from a bunch of flavors. These gummies can help you manage stress and enjoy your sleep. Therefore, if you are an inexperienced CBD user, you can buy CBD Gummies 3000 mg Jar here.

2.  Sunday Scaries CBD Gummies

Sunday Scaries CBD company was established solely to help people kick away scary thoughts they experience on Sundays as they think about the new week. From its name, it is clear that everyone is always afraid about Monday, especially if the last week ended with so many unaccomplished businesses. Therefore, to curb the stress resulting from these unseen fears, Sunday Scaries’ founders established a company that focuses mainly on helping people feel relaxed and energized as they step into a new week. This is seen through the production of high-quality CBD products processed from cGMP, ISO 9001:2015, and Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API)- certified raw materials.

Talking about Sunday Scaries CBD gummies, the company uses exclusively broad-spectrum CBD oil to formulate its edibles. That means consumers can benefit from the vast hemp benefits resulting from cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes without worrying about the intoxicating THC. Due to its dedication to supporting a relaxed, focused, and rejuvenated mind during any day of the week, Sunday Scaries has been ranked among the best manufacturers of CBD gummies in various listings, including Forbes, Healthline, Best Products, Cosmopolitan, and Discover Magazine.

The company also offers its gummies in different variations, including vegan, extra-strength, strawberry, and CBD gummies for anxiety. Vegan CBD gummies are sold in bottles containing 20 gummies, each gummy having 10 mg of CBD. They also have vitamins B12 and D3, making them ideal for people who want to deal with everyday stress. If you plan to relax your mind before facing your tight schedule on Monday, you can buy Vegan CBD Gummies here.

Those facing too tough situations can try Sunday Scaries Extra-Strength CBD gummies sold in bottles carrying 20 gummies, each with 25 mg of CBD. These gummies also have a blend of minor cannabinoids such as cannabigerol (CBG) and cannabinol (CBN).

3. Pure Hemp Botanicals Gummies

Pure Hemp Botanicals is a company that believes in community wellness through its “Compassion in Action” mantra. It manufactures all-organic, vegan, and cruelty-free CBD-derived products that target the vast consumer base. The company is also known for its love and care for the planet as it uses only environmentally friendly farming and manufacturing processes that release less or no harmful substances to mother nature. For instance, Pure Hemp Botanicals uses only plant-based ingredients and organic hemp to make its CBD products; a way of showing respect to the planet and its inhabitants.

A team of experts at Pure Hemp Botanicals have gone beyond workmates to a family that focuses on creating CBD Oil, appreciating the resourceful planet, and enhancing human life. That means its line of products, including gummies, have become among the leading CBD formulations on the market with a vast profile of benefits. For example, the company has been at the forefront of producing high-quality CBD gummies since 2015. The gummies are formulated to promote general well-being and have other phytocannabinoids such as CBN and Melatonin. The company also manufactures its gummies using full-spectrum and isolate CBD oil.

 Examples of Pure Hemp Botanicals gummies include the 750 mg Pure Balance Full-Spectrum CBD Gummies that come in bottles carrying 30 bears each. Each gummy has 25 mg of CBD and is formulated with vegan and non-GMO ingredients. These gummies are ideal for people facing daily stress and unbalanced moods. Therefore, if you want to feel relaxed and rejuvenated the whole day, you can buy 750 mg Pure Balance Full-Spectrum Gummies here.

4. We The People Hemp Gummies

We The People Hemp, popular known as WTP Hemp, is an American-based CBD company that focuses on producing high-quality hemp-derived products. The company came into existence in 2018, right after the enactment of the 2018 Farm Bill. Immediately the US market legalized the manufacture and consumption of CBD products with less than 0.3% THC content, WTP Hemp embarked on mass formulation of the best products with remarkable therapeutic benefits.

The company deals with the production of various CBD products, including edibles for humans and pets. All its products are also made using organic US-based hemp and undergo intensive third-party testing for quality assurance. Regarding CBD gummies, the company manufactures its edibles using broad-spectrum CBD oil, ideal for general wellness and sickness. For example, WTP 25 mg CBD Gummies are sold in bottles containing 30 bears, meaning each gummy has 25 mg of CBD. They are also made with organic hemp oil, suitable for starters who want to boost their daily wellness routine. If you want something that can fit into your daily schedule easily, you can buy WTP 25 mg CBD Gummies here.

5. Fab CBD Gummies

Fab CBD company was established in 2017 with the sole mission to make access to high-quality CBD products easier and safer. It has become the leading manufacturer of beneficial hemp-based products due to its innovative farming and manufacturing practices, and highly-rated customer service. It is for this rating that the company received an Inc. Regionals Midwest Award in 2022. As a result, Fab’s team of experts has remained committed to its mission for over 25 years, becoming the key player in the pharmaceutical, health, fitness, and supplement sectors.

Fab CBD gummies are manufactured using all-organic, vegan-friendly, and expertly processed hemp oil. The gummies are also categorized into Nighttime and Anytime gummies. Nighttime gummies are formulated using broad-spectrum CBD oil and mixed with vital ingredients such as GABA, Ashwagandha, Melatonin, 5-HTP, and L-Theanine for enhanced sleep. They are sold in bottles carrying 60 servings, each serving to offer 12.5 mg of CBD. If you have sleeping issues, then you need to buy Fab CBD Nighttime Gummies here.

On the other hand, Fab CBD Anytime gummies are ideal for people who want to feel better throughout the day. They are THC-free, making them best for folks who want to avoid the intoxicating effects associated with THC. They are also formulated using non-GMO, fruit-flavored, and vegan-based ingredients; hence suitable for all consumers. Each bottle carries 30 gummies (25 mg of CBD per gummy). For your all-around wellness, you can buy Fab CBD Anytime Gummies here.

6. Evolution CBD Gummies

Since 2016, Evolution CBD has remained one of the best CBD brands offering high-quality products using advanced technologies. For instance, the company uses proprietary nanotechnology to process full-spectrum, terpenes-rich, and all-natural hemp oil and gives some of the most effective products on the market. Although it is based in Reno, Nevada, the company has garnered a huge following due to the availability of its products in various wellness centers, food stores, and pharmacies worldwide. Also, to enhance its transparency, Evolution CBD ensures all its products undergo stringent laboratory testing and quality assurance processes to ensure nothing ineffective or harmful reaches the market.

The company formulates its CBD gummies using full-spectrum hemp oil mixed with other vital plant-based ingredients such as citric acid, corn starch, natural flavors, palm kernel oil, and carnauba wax. For instance, the Wellness CBD Gummies, 300 mg, are sold in bottles containing 30 gummy bears, each with 10 mg of CBD. They are ideal for anytime consumption and the company recommends taking at most two gummies per day. Those looking for tasty and fruit-flavored full-spectrum CBD gummies can buy Wellness CBD Gummies, 300 mg here.

7. Palm Organix CBD Gummies

Being a family-owned company, Palm Organix may be new in the hemp space but has managed to attract more customers due to its high-quality products and transparency. The founders established the company in 2018 and built it on four major pillars: relax, revive, restore, and rest.  The company also builds trust through educating, assisting, and listening to all customer demands. Not forgetting, the team of experts uses Colorado-grown hemp farmed in nutrient-rich soil and processed in a GMP-certified facility.

Palm Organix manufactures its CB gummies using broad-spectrum hemp oil. The oil is free of THC but rich in other phytochemicals found naturally in the hemp plant. Their CBD gummies are categorized into original and vegan formulas. Original or premium CBD gummies contain other vital ingredients such as corn syrup, pectin, phytocannabinoid-rich hemp extract, natural grape flavor, gelatin, and many more. They are sold in jars carrying 20 pieces, each piece offering 10 mg of CBD. If you want to stay calm, happy, and stress-free the whole day, you can buy 200 mg Palm Organix Premium CBD Gummies here.

On the other hand, the vegan formula is the new addition to Palm Organix’s line of gummies. These tasty treats are made with natural hemp extract dusted with sugar cane to give them the needed sweet flavor. These gummies are also formulated using all-natural ingredients such as lemon, grape, and orange as well as natural flavorings and colorings. Those looking for vegan-friendly hemp-based gummies can get their Palm Organix Vegan CBD Gummies here.

8. Chill Frog CBD Gummies

Chill Frog CBD company started just for one purpose; to help customers cope with stress and find their chill. The company is among the leading manufacturers of premium CBD products using all-natural US-grown hemp. It is also built on five principles; dosing consistency, simplicity, quality, customer education, and money value. That means those buying from the company can enjoy highly rated services at affordable prices.

Chill Frog manufactures its CBD gummies using full-spectrum hemp oil and further categorizes them into ZZZs and Chill CBD gummies. ZZZs gummies enhance sleep for a restful night since they have vital sleep-boosting ingredients such as Melatonin and citrus flavoring. They are sold in bottles carrying 30 pieces, each piece offering 25 mg of CBD. Those who want to enjoy their sleep can buy ZZZs CBD Gummies (Sleep) here.

Chill CBD gummies are best for calming the mind after a stressful day. The company formulates them using full-spectrum CBD oil mixed with vegan ingredients and fruity flavors. They are also sold 30 gummies per bottle (25 mg of CBD per gummy). If you are struggling with daily stress and want to calm down your mind, these Chill CBD Gummies (Calm) are the best to try.

9. GleeCBD Gummies

GleeCBD manufactures some of the best CBD products on the market using broad and full-spectrum CBD oil. The company operates from an FDA-registered facility and uses raw industrial hemp sourced from family-owned hemp farms in Wisconsin. It was established with a core mission to boost the overall well-being of its consumers through the production of quality, safe, and highly effective CBD products, including edibles, oils, and topicals. Further, GleeCBD products are rigorously tested to ensure no harmful ingredients reach the market.

Among the best CDB gummies from the company are 900 mg Full or Broad (0.00% THC) Spectrum CBD Gummies manufactured using whole-plant hemp oil. The oil is also mixed with other essential ingredients such as corn syrup, beet sugar, gelatin, citric acid, fruit pectin, vegetable oil, and carnauba leaf wax. The gummies are processed using the molecular distillation method to ensure they do not have lipids, chlorophyll, and unwanted wax.

They are available in 30-count bottles, with each piece offering 30 mg of CBD. Anyone who wants to enjoy enhanced health and general body wellbeing can buy 900 mg Full or Broad (0.00% THC) Spectrum CBD Gummies here. However, it is vital to consider the right dosage, especially when using full-spectrum gummies since they contain THC that can cause the “high” effect.

10. Nirvana CBD Gummies

If you want the best broad-spectrum CBD gummies, then Nirvana should be your first stop. The company was founded in 2017 and is anchored on honest farming, manufacturing, and selling practices. The founders believe that CBD is the next big thing in the wellness industry; thus, offers the best hemp-derived products for the whole population. Their products are also THC-free, meaning they cause no intoxicating effect on the consumers. Moreover, the company uses all-natural hemp grown in Colorado and Oregon, resulting in high-quality products.

The vast Nirvana’s line of edibles includes broad-spectrum gummies formulated using phytocannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. The company offers these gummies in three sizes; 20-count jar (500 mg), 5-pack bag (125 mg), and single-pack (25 mg). Each gummy offers 25 mg of CBD, and you can take them anytime you need to enhance your taste, enjoy a restful sleep, or re-energize yourself. For example, if you want to snack on some sweet treats as you move on with your day, you can buy Nirvana 500 mg CBD Gummies here and add them to your daily wellness routine.

The Bottom Line

Choosing the best CBD gummies has never been an easy task, especially for new buyers. That is because the market is lately flooded with numerous companies that claim to offer premium, all-natural, and therapeutically effective CBD edibles. Luckily, with the above list of the 10 best CBD brands, you can easily get the right CBD gummies to fit into your lifestyle and wellness routine. Though, you may be asking, how did we come up with the list?

The answer is straightforward. When making the list of the best CBD gummies for 2022, we focus primarily on certain factors that make the companies stand out from the rest. These include third-party laboratory test results, hemp source, THC content (below 0.3%), the safety standards of the ingredients, and customers’ reviews. That means, besides the acclaimed benefits from the company, you should also vet the manufacturer to ensure they use FDA- and GMP-certified manufacturing practices. Moreover, always follow dosage instructions indicated by the manufacturer to avoid over-dosing effects.

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