Top 3 Popular Careers in Business Management

Pursuing a career in business may be an exciting and fulfilling endeavor. A business degree qualified graduates for a wide range of well paying careers; the list below represents some of the most popular specialty areas. Each area has several concentrations and subspecialties, which open innumerable opportunities to prospective students aiming to pursue their future careers in a special field. Businesses are in abundance in the US, and a business degree is just the ticket for breaking into some of the more lucrative niches.

Career options in business management involve planning, organizing, managing, and acting as a strategic consultant. Job tasks may include analyzing company finances, determining what resources should be spent on, developing new marketing strategies, and increasing employee productivity. Graduates with a business development manager degree can find careers working in a number of settings including finance, accounting, human resources, marketing, and consulting.

One of the fastest growing fields for recent graduates is technology administration. People with this degree will have the opportunity to advance within a large company or be the person in charge of implementing new technologies. Jobs available in this niche range from administrative roles to senior managers to positions that involve developing the company’s new products or services. Graduates with a management information systems degree will likely find a high-paying position in a large company or government agency. This is one of the fastest growing career fields for recent graduates.

Marketing is another popular career option for recent graduates. Jobs in marketing fall into a few general categories, including public relations, advertising sales, promotions, customer service, and financial sales. These are the types of jobs that all business professionals must possess in order to succeed in today’s marketplace. Graduates with degrees in marketing can find good jobs in banking, insurance, retail, and even franchising. A strong marketing degree combined with experience in a specific field is usually all it takes to find a great career in marketing.

Financial management is another popular career choice for business students. Responsibilities in finance include planning, organizing, managing, and controlling the organization’s financial resources. There are several job titles associated with managerial positions in finance such as vice president for accounts receivable and accounts payable, controller, and director of finance. Graduates with degrees in financial management will most likely find a high paying position in banking, insurance, or other related fields.

Computer software engineering, also known as computer science, is becoming one of the fastest growing fields for business management professionals. These jobs involve creating new information technology products and solving technological problems. Graduates with degrees in computer science can find a wide variety of entry level positions as well as more professional and higher-paying positions. Jobs in this career field are expected to grow along with technology.

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